Zurich Sightseeing

Tips on Sightseeing in Zurich

There are many vacation destinations that top the list of must see locations, and after spending a week sightseeing in Zurich, Switzerland, it will become clear as to why this city is included in the elite.

About the city

Nestled in the heart of Switzerland and surrounded by wooded hills, Zurich is a bustling metropolis.  As the largest city in Switzerland, it is a global entity that is home to numerous large banking institutions and financial corporations.  The wealthiest city in all of Europe and one of the most expensive in the entire world, Zurich has developed into one of the most desirable of travel destinations.

Despite the modern conveniences of travel and culture in the city, a great deal of the appeal and charm arise from Zurich’s historical value.  Dating back to the Neolithic and Bronze Ages, people have been settling in and around Lake Zurich; utilizing the Limmat River for transportation.  Rich in Roman and German culture, the city still retains sections of town featuring beautiful architecture, design and remnants of its past.  It does not neglect the modern needs of its inhabitants and guests, however; the city also offers top quality shopping and cultural events.

Sightseeing in Zurich

Visitors to this lovely city will find sightseeing to be a major activity.  Besides the incredible panorama of beautiful countryside to view, there are numerous museums, galleries and points of interest that are considered “must sees” within the city.  Key attractions include:

  1. Grossmunster.  A historic cathedral featuring two identical three story towers, the Grossmunster, or Great Church, is perhaps the leading landmark in Zurich.  Besides the architectural interest of the structure, it has great historical appeal with its origination dating back to the year 1090.  The stained glass windows, created by Marc Chagall, are a vision of loveliness.  A small fee garners the visitor a trip up a narrow, steep stairway to the top of one of the towers, where they are rewarded by the panoramic view of the city and countryside. 

  2. Bahnhofstrasse.  World class shopping opportunities await the visitor on this long stretch of boutiques, restaurants, chocolatiers, jewelers and numerous other shops.  World renowned banks are also located here.  A word to the wise:  the city’s reputation as one of the most expensive areas will be clearly evident along this street.

  3. Reitburg Museum.  While there are over two dozen first rate museums in Zurich, the Reitburg is one not to miss.  It carries the distinction of being the top rated museum that displays non-European art; featuring the art of Asia, America, Africa and Oceania.

  4. Altstadt.  Translated as “Old Town”, this may be one of the favored spots for sightseeing in Zurich.  Positioned along the Limmat River, visitors can explore this compact area easily on foot.  Houses seemingly transported direct from the Middle Ages, meandering alleyways, rough cobblestone, narrow streets with charming little shops and cafes at which local fare can be purchased and more can be enjoyed.

  5. Lindenhof.  An area of old Zurich, the Lindenhof is the where a historic Roman castle and fortress can be viewed and explored.  The fact that motor vehicles are forbidden in this recreation area adds to its wholesome and peaceful appeal.  Beautiful views on all sides will encourage visitors to spend long hours in this historic hill section.

The best vacation destinations are those which offer beauty, history and culture, as well as the modern amenities we have come to expect in our daily lives.  A trip that includes sightseeing in Zurich will make it obvious why this city has been rated among one of the best vacation destinations.