Yarrangobilly Caves

A Helpful Guide for Visiting the Yarrangobilly Caves

If you are planning a vacation to New South Wales in Australia, you will discover a number of sites worth visiting, one being the Yarrangobilly Caves.  These caves are actually a part of several limestone caves that formed throughout different times.  For the caves higher up in strata to those located in the lower areas are each unique.  Today, the National Parks and Wildlife Service in Australia maintains management of the Yarrangobilly Caves although the “official caretaker”, Leo James Hoad, managed them from 1919 to 1946.  In fact, this man was responsible for the 1910 discovery of the Jillabenen Cave.

Currently, two of the Yarrangobilly Caves offer guided tours to the public while one allows people to walk through at free will.  The following are the different caves and some of the characteristics:

The Yarrangobilly Caves are truly amazing and the entire complex of caves features some special treats such as several walking tracks and a thermal pool, which is fed with natural spring water.  The water remains warm all year so visitors are encouraged to bring a bathing suit and towel to experience the water first-hand.  Because these caves are so well known, it is highly recommended that arrangements be made ahead of time, especially around the holidays in that these are busy times of the year.

The Yarrangobilly Caves are beautifully nestled among rugged bluffs and deep gorges that are a part of the Yarrangobilly River Valley.  For thousands of years, the caves have been formed, one by one.  Again, each cave is unique but most have characteristics associated with caves of this caliber such as fragile shawls, massive columns, secrete chambers, and more.

The Yarrangobilly Caves are open every day, except Christmas, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, as long as the roads are passable.  To purchase tickets, simply head to the Visitor’s Centre, which also sells souvenirs and provides electronic information prior to taking a tour.  Remember, there are 300 caves in all so the possibilities are endless.  Even though only six are open to the public and three with tours, you will experience something incredible to create a lifetime memory.