Wrestling Drills

Top Conditioning Wrestling Drills

The main purpose of participating in conditioning wrestling drills is to supplement the sport, not actually replace it.  Therefore, every drill that you perform should be specifically tailored to the sport itself.  Since wrestlers really require many diverse levels of fitness including speed, strength, endurance, agility, balance and flexibility, this is not really a difficult task to complete.

Benefits Of Wrestling Drills

Participating in conditioning drills that have been designed toward wrestling, accomplishes quite a few objectives, including:

Top Wrestling Drills

These conditioning wrestling drills require you to have someone to workout with.  They should be completed at least once or twice per week, especially during the off-season to maintain your stamina and strength.  Keep in mind that your drill buddy should be about the same size as you and you should rotate after each exercise.  As your strength and endurance improves, you can increase your distance and repetitions.