Worlds Strongest Baby

Mini-Superman Liam: Meet the World’s Strongest Baby

Liam Hoekstra from Michigan is truly a tiny little superman and was named the world's strongest baby. Liam is a real bundle of energy which is due to his outstanding muscle development. Not only his parents are amazed, but also YouTube viewers who have given little Liam the nickname 'Mini Superman'.

Every mother feels very passionate about her child and sees something special, and so did Dana Hoekstra when she adopted little Liam. He was born 4 months too early with a hole in his heart and was then given up for adoption. Proud mother Dana was stunned because Liam turned out to be an extraordinary child and surprised friends and family with his unusual strength. According to his mother, Liam was only 2 days old when he could hold his entire body weight and stand on his feet. When he was 5 months old he was able to lift himself up when mummy Dana held both his hands - and he was able to stay up in the air keeping his little arms parallel to the ground. He was already walking at that time. This type of strength is quite unusual in a 5 month old child and it was no surprise when the world' strongest baby made the news. Liam's parents were concerned about this abnormal strength and took mini-superman to a specialist. Doctors soon concluded that Liam has a rare case of muscle hypertrophy and there are only a few people in the world who are facing this abnormality.

Myostatin: A Special Type of Protein

Various substances in our bodies are responsible for the growth and development of muscles. In 1997, researchers of the Johns Hopkins University Baltimore found Myostatin in mice. This protein protects both animals and humans from uncontrolled muscle growth. While a small amount of myostatin results in underdeveloped muscles, a too large amount will cause the opposite. Thus, Liam suffers from an increased level of this protein which makes his muscles grow much faster than in normal children. His doctors stated that the world’s strongest baby Liam is about 85% stronger than same-aged babies.

Like a Little Power Station

Very similar to a power station, the world's strongest baby Liam needs a lot of 'fuel'. Liam's mum spends a lot of her time preparing meals for mini-superman and the little hulk needs about 6 generous meals a day. The calories go straight into the muscle growth and while he was only 19 months old, Liam already weighed about 22 pounds. His legs had the shape of a professional sportsman and his body overall resembled the one of a tiny body builder which was particularly interesting to the worldwide media. His amount of body fat is unnaturally low and the weight is dominated by heavy muscles. While most parents would welcome a fit child, an imbalance of fat and muscles can become dangerous for babies because it obstructs the development of the central nervous system.

Liam is now 3 years old and has grown to be a confident boy despite the health challenges he is facing. Liam's physician Dr. Erlund Larson stated that a child with such strength will certainly build up a large amount of confidence and dares to do things other children wouldn't at that age. Dr. Larson was the one who discovered Liam's miracle growth. There are videos online that show baby Liam lifting up 2.5kg dumbbells without any difficulty. Parents and doctors are concerned because Liam hardly ever injures himself and his bones may be abnormally soft due to the fact that the child is relying on muscles only. Furthermore, Liam may not learn physical boundaries when playing and he may accidentally injure his friends.