Workplace Etiquette

How to Achieve Workplace Etiquette

The place of employment should be pleasant, safe, and productive, but you would be amazed at how many people have no real understanding of workplace etiquette. Typically, the small things that people do are what create the biggest problem. Going into work knowing there are employees and bosses that have no consideration for others can make for a very long day and unhappy career.

In this article, we wanted to provide a list of things people do that should be avoided, as well as things that should be done to create a good work environment. With a few simple changes, workplace etiquette could be greatly improved. As a result, employees would have a much better attitude, take more pride in the work being done, and even produce a greater quantity of work and with higher results.

Workplace Etiquette – Things to Do

People should always dress appropriately, which means never showing too much cleavage, the midriff, and back-end cracks. Regardless of company or industry, people should be mindful of other employees and customers when getting dressed for the day.

Employees should be respectful, pleasant, courteous, and a good listener. Unfortunately, many people have forgotten or simply do not take the time to be professional but picking up good habits such as these would likely surprise them with the positive responses they get.

Good etiquette on the job also means taking time to show appreciation for something well done and complimenting the person involved. All too often, people will think something nice about a co-worker but never verbalize it. Therefore, spending one minute to thank, compliment, encourage, or even laugh with someone makes the entire environment so much more enjoyable.

People could also improve on skills. In addition to making that person more marketable, this would be extremely helpful within the company by taking some of the stress off other employees.

Workplace Etiquette – Things to Avoid

No one should work at the computer or sit in a meeting while chewing or popping gum, which is rude, distracting, and highly unprofessional

Although co-workers build friendships and share personal stories of accomplishments and challenges, people at work need to be careful as to how much information is shared and with whom. The reason is that some people simply do not want to hear about co-worker’s personal lives but because of physical location, they may have no choice. Therefore, people within the workplace need to be conscientious of things being told.

One of the worst mistakes seen in the workplace is gossip. One misunderstood or misperceived comment could take on a life of its own and then when spread, become damaging. In fact, gossip not only hurts a person’s feelings, it breaks bonds of trust, and it has cost people jobs.

For some reason, people still show up at work with bad hygiene. A daily shower or bath, good deodorant, a small amount of perfume or cologne, clean hair, brushed teeth, clean fingernails, and pressed and cleaned clothing is all it takes. When it comes to workplace etiquette, nothing is worse than trying to carry on with responsibilities only to have a co-worker nearby that brings in a foul odor and unpleasant sight.