Work Experience Ideas

Work Experience Ideas for Teens

Are you a teen looking for work experience ideas? Work experience is a great way for you to get an idea about what working life is like and to become familiar with the expectations of a professional work environment. Participating in a work experience or “job shadow” program is also a great way to get your foot in the door with a company or to establish prospective business contacts that may be useful to you when you get out of school. But the big question is what kind of work do you want to do? Work experience is put to best use if you choose to work in a field which you have a particular interest in, especially one which you might consider for a career someday. Let’s take a look at a few work experience ideas which may catch your interest.

Newspaper or Magazine Company

This is the ideal environment for someone who has an interest in the news, “real life” stories, or journalism. This is a great way to learn how stories go from the street to print and end up in peoples’ homes. The atmosphere of a newspaper or magazine company is typically fast-paced and exciting. It can be a high-pressure situation at times, but this is the perfect place to learn about the importance of time management skills and working towards a deadline.

Police Station

If you have an interest in serving your community in an up-close-and-personal way, then this could be the perfect work placement program for you! While you can’t really expect to aid in catching the bad guys, you will be able to see into the different roles that contribute to the functioning of a police station. Police stations do sometimes have certain regulations they have to abide by for work experience students, but if you have a particular interest in the workings of law enforcement, then you should definitely give this one a shot!


Veterinary Office

Most people like animals, but if you have a real interest in then, then you might want to inquire about volunteering at a local veterinary office. This is a great way to gain an understanding of animal wellness checkups, preventative treatments, diagnosis, and medical procedures. If you believe that you might like to become a veterinarian, then spending a week or two in a vet’s office is a great way to see the career from a first-hand point of view. This will help you to determine whether the pace and demands of this profession are for you.

Children’s Nursery or School

If you consider yourself to be pretty good with kids, then you may want to try doing your work experience at a nursery or day care. Here you can learn about the effort that goes into each day of child care, and if you believe that you have a natural aptitude for working with children, then you may decide to pursue child care as a career. Or you may even look towards putting in your work experience at a school, especially if you have an aptitude for tutoring others. Job shadowing a teacher is a great way to learn about the facets of learning what you don’t necessarily see as a student, such as lesson planning and grading projects.

If you haven’t found any work experience ideas here that seem to interest you, consider asking yourself where your skills and aptitudes lie. Are you good with computers? Maybe you’re excellent with a camera or love experimenting with cooking. Everyone is good at something, so ask yourself what you’re really good at and think of any practical way that this skill could be applied to the work environment.