Woodpecker Repellent

Choosing The Right Woodpecker Repellent

Woodpeckers can be troublesome pests and can cause major damage to your home, so it can be crucial to the structure of your house that you find an effective woodpecker repellent.  Simply looking for food can make them do major damage by poking holes all over your house, on telephone poles, in fences, and other wooden structures.  If you notice a problem, it’s a good idea to look into ways to take care of the problem before it gets out of hand.

Types of Woodpecker Repellents

There are many different ways to get rid of these birds, depending on your particular preference and the scope of the problem.  One great way to get the birds to stop pecking at your house is a suet feeder.  This type of feeder trains the birds to peck the feeder instead of the house.  These are safe and humane ways to eliminate the problem without harming the birds.  Another type of woodpecker repellent involves dealing with the bird’s sense of taste.  You can plug the already made woodpecker holes on your house with a non-toxic formula that will taste badly to the bird, driving them away from your house over time.  Visual deterrents are also helpful to repel the birds.  Things like noises, balloons, and bright tape can make the birds less likely to flock to your house.

Why You Might Need to Get Rid of Woodpeckers

There are many things about woodpeckers that make homeowners want to get rid of them.  From the irritating sounds they make to the overwhelming amount of destruction they can cause, they can be pests in many ways.  They can cause damage to your home that can detract from the value as well, which is a problem to the homeowner in many ways.  Anyone that plans on selling their home in the future will want to avoid anything that might take away from the potential appraisal value when it comes to selling.  These birds are undoubtedly beautiful, but can cause damage well beyond what their size might suggest.

Woodpecker Repellent to Save Your Home

Woodpeckers can cause permanent damage to any structure, so if you want to protect your home, it’s a good idea to know the types of birds native to your neighborhood and the type of repellent you’ll want to use.  If you find that this type of pesky bird might be likely to live in the area around your house, you might want to go ahead and have a suet feeder to keep the birds from ever attacking your home.  Because the birds need to peck to find food, it’s important to keep in mind finding a safe and humane way to keep them from pecking at your home without damaging the bird or preventing them from finding the foods they need to survive.  There are many safe, non-toxic ways to keep the birds away from your home, while still being able to observe these beautiful birds in and around your yard.  The suet feeder provides a perfect way to keep the birds away from your home, while being able to enjoy them in your yard.  Since they inhabit much of the United States, it is likely that you could have some problem with woodpeckers at your home eventually.  Understanding that the birds merely are looking for food and not trying to annoy you is a good way to develop tolerance for their behaviors.  Even though they are simply looking for the food they need to survive, they can cause tremendous damage to wooden structures like your home.