Why Do Men Lie

Have you ever asked the question, “Why do men lie?” If you are in a relationship with a guy, the chances are it might have crossed your mind a time or two. The truth is, everyone lies. It has nothing to do with gender, social status, or race. Well, it actually does have to do with race, the human race. Lying is a part of what it means to be human. It’s simply part of human nature.

But, just because lying is a part of human nature doesn’t mean it’s good. According to some psychologists and sociologists who aired their views on the Oprah Winfrey Show, men and women both tell a considerable amount of lies. Ninety-one percent of all people lie. Not only that, they tell on average thirteen lies per week.

As to whether men lie more than woman, it depends who you ask and which research study you want believe. You can find evidence on either side quite readily. But as for the question, “Why do men lie?” the answers appear to be considerably different than why women lie.

Men are much more concerned about their public images and they want to make themselves look good. Men are most likely to lie about their income, their job level and even what kind of car they drive. In today’s society, men are valued based on what they have and women are valued based on how they look.

Men are apt to lie within a relationship more than a woman. They are also more apt to see someone else outside of the relationship and lie about it. Men are also the most apt to lie verbally. For instance, a woman can wear a wig and a lot of makeup to cover up what she sees as imperfections. In a way she is lying about her appearance, saying she is younger than she is or she has a different color hair or eyes.

If you look at “Why do men lie?” it is most often to appear financially better off or to be higher up on the ladder of social status. They lie to make themselves appear more desirable to women. One of the most common lies between men is about the age they first had sex and how many women they have dated. Lying is used to boost a man’s ego or to give him an advantage of some kind.

A study in Great Britain in September, 2009 came to the conclusion that men tell twice as many lies as women. In fact, they tell six lies a day while women only tell three lie a day. Both men and women lie to avoid opening their feelings or actions up to public scrutiny. The number one lie that is told by both men and women is that, “I’m fine. Nothing is wrong.”

Men will lie about how much they have had to drink and women will lie about how much money they spent shopping.  In relationships, both the man and woman think that they can always tell when the other person is lying but this is rarely the case. Most people think that a liar will rarely look you in the eyes but that is almost the opposite of the truth. Real, experienced liars can look you directly in your eyes and still lie. In fact, they want to see your reaction to their lie.

There are many answers to the question, “Why do men lie?” and we have only touched on a few of them. But, if you are going out with a guy and he tells you he drives a Mercedes Benz or that he’s sorry he missed your call, the chances are pretty good that he is lying.