Who Invented Football

The Truth About Who Invented Football

When you ask who invented football there are a few things that you need to remember.  This game has been played in several countries throughout history.  Football revolves around kicking or moving a ball past an opponent and past a goal.  It is thought that it dates back as early as the 2nd or 3rd centuries (B.C.) in China.  This game was also played in medieval Europe.  Harpaston was played by the ancient Greeks and the Romans played a game that was very similar called harpastum.  A form of football was very popular in Italy during medieval times and it was called calico.

Football is called different things in different countries of the world.  It may be called soccer or ruby based on where you are in the world.  The way the game is played also varies based on what form of football you are playing.  However, the first form of American football was called Gridiron.  It was developed from soccer and rugby.  At this time there was no limit to the amount of players within the game and it included very rough and fierce tackling.

Who Invented Football?  Willie Tidwell is thought to have made Gridiron (American football) what it was.  This man, along with Walter Camp, made up the rules of Gridiron and they were taken from the popular games of soccer and rugby.  The hitting component was taken from rugby while kicking the ball was taken from soccer.  Both gentlemen believed that there should be a goal post at the ends of the field and if you got the ball through it you would get three points.  In the early days, American football was very dangerous and could even be deadly.  Players could even suffer from life changing injuries.  In 1905, the President actually considered ending the game all together because of how dangerous it was.  At this time, several rule changes were made.  This is when the legal pass forward was started.  Because the ball was able to be thrown forward, the game changed and players needed to begin specializing in particular positions.

As you can see, it is not easy to answer who invented football.  English public schools were the first schools to make codes for the game of football.  These schools also developed the first offsides rules.  Football became a way for school kids to compete and stay fit.  However, each school would develop their own rules and this would make it difficult for school kids to play against one another.  Problems would arise such as one school thinking the ball should be carried while another believed the ball should be kicked.

Variations of the football have also been seen throughout history.  Centuries ago, the ball was made out of animal bladders and they were inflated.  However, in 1855, Charles Goodyear developed a football that was shaped like a sphere.  It was made out of vulcanized rubber and it was very popular in early American football.

Attempts were made to make the game more standard and because of this official rules called the Cambridge rules were created at Cambridge University in 1848.  This was not 100% effective because the rules were still not adopted universally.  Many schools, groups and clubs began to play football and many of them had their own rules for the game.   1863 the Football Association met for the first time in order to develop a standard set of rules for playing football.  After many meetings and much deliberation, the thirteen original laws of the game were ratified.  Today, the official rules of football are determined by the International Football Association Board that was formed in 1886.