Ways To Stop Pollution

Some Tips on Ways to Stop Pollution

With everyone going green lately or talking about it, it is important to know different ways to stop pollution. Pollution comes in many forms and most likely people are mostly aware of pollution that involves smog and big factories burning coal.

Pollution has a big impact on earth and in our every day lives. Many products and activities we do are involved in the soiling or saving of our planet and each person acting responsibly can make a difference. Finding ways to stop pollution as a personal everyday goal can add up if each person tried at least one everyday.

Start small, recycle your trash by sorting it out and re-use items.  Newspapers, magazines and cardboard can be recycled to make new paper products. Plastic bags and plastic water or soda bottles can also be recycled; these can be made into cloth like products such as tote bags and even t-shirts. Use empty coffee cans, coffee jars, baby food jars and other assorted jars for garage item storage like nails, screws nuts and bolts or even clothes pins.

Our organic trash, that is mostly biodegradable like egg shells, leftover foods, vegetable peels, and fallen tree leaves can be stored in special containers to be turned into compost to later be used as a fertilizing agent for the garden. This greatly reduces the amount of trash you throw away each and every day.

Among the ways to stop pollution there are things we may not think make a big difference but really do.  For the sake of water and electricity, take shorter showers, wash bigger loads of laundry and occasionally air dry clothes instead of using a dryer. Hot summer days are heavy with air conditioning use; why not air dry clothes to save some money and our planet. Turn off the lights, computers and fans when not home and set the energy saving modes on some of your electrical appliances that may have that option.

There are also big changes we can make to reduce our pollution. Cars, lawn mowers, motorbikes, boats, and other motorized vehicles use non-renewable fossil fuels, using these with less frequency or appropriately can be beneficial to our planet.  When making a big purchase like a new car, it’s important to ask about the fuel emissions as well as fuel consumption. Vehicles are now available as hybrids (using both electricity and fuel, saving how much gasoline is used) and it is rumored that alternative renewable fuel is in progress.

One of the ways to stop pollution in everyday life is how we shop. There are stores who are green, they recycle and provide assistance for recycling as well as donating money to organizations that help our planet. Shop more often at these stores to help support a cause. Many products we purchase come form recycled materials or have a special symbol that tells you if it can be recycled and where.

Some of our electronic devices come with special telephone numbers or websites to inform us as to how to recycle these when we no longer need or use them. There are companies who take their factories over seas not only for the cheap labor but to overlook the pollution laws that are set in the United States. Some people ban the use of their products and spread the word to their friends about these factories that dump their wastes on rivers and oceans.

Pollution and ways to stop pollution come in many ways but it takes each person to make a difference. There are websites that allow for people to make donations based on their “carbon footprint”, this means that for every activity done that isn’t green or eco friendly there is a fee that can be paid to be used as a donation towards something positive and towards the goal of becoming green like replanting or cleaning up rivers and forests.