Ways To Propose Marriage

15 Most Romantic Ways to Propose Marriage

So you have decided to pop the question, but you are baffled by all of the different ways to propose marriage. Marriage proposals are as varied and creative as the men and women who come up with them. Since every situation is different, there are countless ways of asking the one you love to share the rest of your lives together.

We found 15 of the most romantic ways to propose marriage. Join us on a journey that will surely culminate in wedded bliss:

1. The Old Fashioned Way
There is just something romantic about a guy getting down on his knee and asking for your hand in marriage. This is a tradition that has been handed down for centuries, and it never seems to get old.

2. Go Back to the Beginning
Take a trip down memory lane by visiting some of your favorite places while leading up to the big questions. Don’t forget to include the place you first met. That can even be the last stop on the tour to make it even more memorable.

3. In Front of an Audience
The theater, a major sporting event, even national TV can all be great places to ask for her hand in marriage if you want to do it in the spotlight. Head to the big game and have them pop the question on the jumbotron. How can she say no to that?

4. On a Secluded Beach
There are few places more romantic than the beach, and it makes a tranquil setting for a marriage proposal.

5. In the Woods
Hikers do it in the woods, and if hiking is one of your hobbies this could be one of the best ways to propose marriage. Try not to drop the ring in the woods, though, because it might be hard amidst all the dirt and leaves.

6. Under the Stars
Picture a quiet night, just the two of you and a sky full of stars. You ask. She says yes.

7. Do it over the airwaves
Got a girl that loves to listen to the radio? Ask her to marry you on the radio while she’s driving home from work. What a homecoming that will be.

8. At the office
This may seem corny, but some women love being the center of attention – even when they are at work. Nothing will spice up an average workday like a marriage proposal.

9. Do it online
If you are computer savvy, you can create an entire Web site dedication to your love. Fill it with photos and memories and an entire page dedicated to the most important question of your lives.

10. Propose in the paper
Try a full-page add in the local newspaper. That is sure to grab her attention – and her heart at the same time.


11. Over dessert at the fanciest restaurant in town
It’s been done before, but it is extremely effective. Good food, good company and a ring.

12. Bake a homemade proposal
Bake her a cake with something a little special inside. Decorate the cake with the big question in her favorite color. Warning: don’t let her eat the ring.

13. Make it a family affair
Pop the question at an intimate gathering of family and friends. They love sharing special moments.

14. Take a vacation you will remember forever
Proposing on vacation. It will be the vacation memory you never forget.

15. Flowers and a gift box
Traditional? Yes. Effective? Absolutely. There is nothing wrong with using what works, and flowers seem to do the trick every time.