Wax Carving Tools

All About Wax Carving Tools

Anyone who is looking into wax carving as a hobby will obviously need to consider which wax carving tools are necessary for getting started. Although there are a wide variety of tools on the market, there are a few that are specifically great for beginners and are considered a necessity. Throughout the article we will examine wax carving as well as wax carving tools that are needed for this highly creative hobby.

Wax carving requires that you use a variety of different tools. Although some people attempt to use a knife, it is relatively difficult to do so due to the wax’s hardness. Instead, there are wax carving tools that make the creation of masterpieces a lot easier than your traditional knife. Some of these tools include, but are not limited to, saws, gravers, and files.

When someone is attempting to carve into wax, they have to decide what they wish to carve and then seek out the block of wax that is appropriate for such task. From here, like any artist, a rough design is typically drawn in order to give the wax carver a reference point. Then these wax carving tools are used to create the desired shape and object that has been designed.

Now is time to delve into the specifics of the tools you will need. As mentioned above, saws are generally used for these carvings. The saws you need should be very jagged since this tool is used to get the majority of the wax down to the size that is needed for more precise carving. You will also need files (needle files) and a scalpel (one with blades). Believe it or not, the tools that are typically used in a dentist’s office are also extremely beneficial for wax carving for removing precise pieces of wax or even adding wax back to the object. Sandpaper can also be used to help smooth out the rough edges of the finished wax sculpture. Rotary tools may also be used to assist with your carving goals.

There is more than one type of wax. Some are hard and others are very soft. The hard waxes generally take the consistency of relatively hard plastic. However, the soft wax closely resembles clay. Anyone carving into hard wax would be creating a sculpture similar to someone carving something out of stone. The soft wax can be molded with your hands, like molding clay. Obviously the wax carving tools described above are meant for the hard wax, not the softer version.

A variety of different places sell wax in certain shapes, including blocks and tubes. You can also get wax sheets. Whatever object you are attempting to carve will determine which shape you need to start with to make the job easier on you and more time-efficient. Note that most of the shapes come in a variety of sizes in order to meet your carving needs.

Although one may think that obtaining wax carving tools can be a relatively expensive task, the truth is you can get some of these tools from your local dollar store. Since wax is not extremely hard in comparison to metal, obviously a fingernail filer can go a long way. Be creative when buying tools to work with wax and know that you do not always have to aim for the top of the line products.

In conclusion, wax carving is a very unique form of expressing your artistic nature. Although many jewelers may use wax, many people carve wax as a hobby. Anyone looking to get into wax carving can rest assured that tools can be purchased at a very affordable price. Furthermore, one can use his or her creativity when deciding which tools can be used to create their masterpiece. Make sure you have which object you wish to carve in mind before purchasing your block of wax. Grab your wax and tools and carve away!