Water Pollution In Africa

What You Should Know About Water Pollution in Africa

Water pollution in Africa is a problem that is continuing to grow and needs to be addressed.  This article is going to explore some of the causes of this pollution.  A few thoughts on how to improve the problem will also be addressed and discussed briefly.  If you are interested in this growing problem, this article may be interesting to you.

The first contributor to water pollution in Africa is the mining organizations and farmers.  Many of the mines are polluting the water with their waste and there is very little being done to control this. Farmers are asked not to plant on the land that is within 30 or 40m of the waterways such as rivers and numerous wetlands.  This is not frequently followed by the farmers that know the Western Cape Department of Agriculture only has two inspectors that work to enforce this.  If they know that they are not going to get caught, they are going to be more willing to ignore the direction.  It is a shame because they are only harming themselves in the long run.

Poor sewage systems also contribute to the water pollution in Africa.  Much of the human waste in Africa is spilling into the water ways.  This is affecting stream and rivers.  As the water continues to get worse, it becomes more and more difficult to get the water cleaned and filtered properly.  With each passing day, as sewage runs into the water, it becomes more and more difficult to effectively clean the water so that it is safe to consume.

There needs to be a way to correct this growing problem.  Rules need to be created and followed by all farmers and mining operations.  Proper sewage disposal needs to be invested in and carried out.  Water filtration needs to be the top priority in order to help the individuals living in Africa.  Water pollution in Africa effects more than just the individuals that need to drink the water and every aspect of its negative effects needs to be explored.

Polluted water is used to take care of small children and infants.  They are going to become ill if they are continually drinking contaminated water.  This water is also used to water the crops that are being grown in Africa.  That water is polluting the food that is then being consumed by animals and humans living in Africa.  Finally, cattle and other livestock are also drinking the water.  They are becoming contaminated as well.  When they produce milk or they are butchered for meat, they are producing contaminated food that Africans are consuming.  This is one vicious cycle that needs to be controlled.

We, as Americans, need to understand how this affects us as well.  With so much of our food being imported from around the country, we need to realize that the water pollution in Africa may very well be contaminating us as well.  Think of the products that we consume that have been brought in from that area.  What are be putting into our bodies that may harm us.

We all need to fight to help get this problem corrected.  If not for the products that are contaminated, then simply because we have morals, passion and concern for others.  If we had to live in conditions like that we would be asking the government to step in and take control.  Why should we sit back and watch Africa experience that same hardship.  It is important to start somewhere.  By being an advocate you can help make positive change.  We would want someone to do that for us.