Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp Nest Removal Options

Understanding wasp nest removal is important if you have these pests flying around your home.  Wasps can sting you and cause a lot of pain.  They can hurt children and small pets when they sting.  If they are building a nest near your home you are going to want to remove it.  This will help keep your family and pets safe.

The first thing to remember about wasp nest removal is that they can be in the air, in the ground or in small cracks and holes.  It is usually easiest to remove them using some type of a chemical.  However, if you do not want to use a chemical you can use other methods instead.  The first method that you can try is to place a large plastic bag over the nest and break the nest off of its location into the bag.  Once you have the nest in the bag, you will leave it in the sun or place it into a large container of water.  This will drown the wasps.  Some people will use a garbage can of this so that they can place a lid over top of it.  This will help ensure that they wasps cannot get out of the bag or the water.

When you have wasps that have built a nest in the ground you will want to find a way to starve them.  The best way to do this is to take a large plastic bowl and press it down into the ground over top of the nest.  Wasps will not dig a way out.  Therefore, they will not be able to get to any food and they will die in a few days.  Leave the bowl there until you are certain that they are dead.  If the bowl is not bothering you, you can leave it for approximately one week.  They will definitely be dead by then.

If you spend time at the store, you are most likely going to find that there are several different sprays that you can purchase that will kill wasps.  Once they are dead you will be able to remove the nest.  If you select this option for wasp nest removal, be sure to purchase a spray that is friendly to the environment and is not going to be harmful to you, your children or pets when it is sprayed.

As you can see, wasp nest removal can be done in several different ways.  While you can select several different ways to do this, it is usually safest to contact an exterminator to come in and remove them.  These people are professionals and they know how to remove them without injuring the wasps or themselves.  They will most likely have protective clothing that they can wear that will also protect them from any stings that may take place.

The goal of wasp nest removal is to get rid of the nest so that the wasps will not come back.  You want to be able to also find a way to keep them from rebuilding a new nest once the first one is gone.  So, you need to think about where the nest was located.  If it was in the ground and it is now removed, you may want to fill the hole where the nest was.  This will keep the wasps out of that area.  If they were burrowed into a crack or a hole in your foundation wall, you will want to fill that as well as soon as they nest is gone.  You can always contact an exterminator in order to find out the best ways to keep wasps from building nests in and near your home.  You can research this topic online to find solutions or read up on these flying pests in your local library.  The more you know the better off you will be.