Vampire Abilities

An Interesting Look into Vampire Abilities

We have all seen vampire movies, men with fangs that bite into necks of unsuspecting women to suck their blood but have you ever given any thought to vampire abilities for today’s cult?  Yes, vampires really exist although somewhat different from depictions in movies.  Interestingly, many people that live a vampire life say it is more for a religious experience and has nothing to do with blood but another group of modern day vampires actually drink blood as a part of their rituals.

The one group of vampires do not have fanged teeth and many do not even wear dark-colored clothing but in the second group, those that take vampire abilities and the lifestyle more seriously will have their teeth filed to a sharp point and dress in all black.  Often, vampires in the movies have some kind of supernatural power but in real life, vampire abilities do not include flying through the air or disappearing out of thin air.

Many myths surround the modern day vampire and vampire abilities but in truth, most are not creatures hiding in dark places and lurking around looking for prey.  Today’s vampires are normal people that live in houses, drive cars, raise children, work jobs, and pay bills.  They interact with neighbors, co-workers, and have friends that do not live the vampire lifestyle.

Keep in mind that some current vampires do feel the need to drink blood, which is also called a PSI feeding, as a means of functioning and surviving.  However, because these people look like everyday people, you could run into one and be none the wiser.  Most modern day vampires are not sure how they turned to that type of life, some thinking they were born with vampire tendencies and some that just became intrigued with movies.

It is also important to understand that vampire abilities have nothing to do with being immortal in that these people get the common cold, flu, and other illnesses right along with non-vampires.  They are made from flesh and bone, and like everyone else, just as they live, they will someday die.  One interesting fact is that many vampires appear younger than actual age, which some believe has to do with their religious beliefs.

Regarding vampire abilities it is important that people understand this practice does not make a person feel, act, or look different.  One misconception is that drinking blood boosts energy level and rejuvenates the body but in truth, this can be a highly dangerous practice, especially if the blood belongs to a different person.  After all, if a person has any type of disease that can be transferred through blood, such as HIV, then drinking infected blood puts that person at huge risk.  Therefore, this practice of “cycling” has no health benefit at all.

The bottom line is that vampire abilities for people in this lifestyle today have no special powers whatsoever.  These people are known as practicing Otherkin, which simply means they feel they have a non-human spirit captured inside a human body.  Under this umbrella term are different types of vampires, such as: