Ulua Fishing

A Guide to Ulua Fishing

Ulua fishing is one of the most popular things to do within Hawaii. Many people may even travel to Hawaii just to go fishing for ulua. These fish are pretty large and seem to draw quite a crowd wishing to catch these beasts of a fish. Throughout this article we will examine all you need to know about ulua as well as fishing for these fish that frequently weigh as much as those fishing for them.

There are two types of ulua that are frequently found within the waters surrounding the great state of Hawaii: the omilu and the white ulua. Out of the two, most people know the ulua as the white ulua, which is also known as a giant trevally. Believe it or not, some of these fish can weight somewhere between one hundred and two hundred pounds. Could you imagine reeling in one of those fish? However, they may also be as little as a few inches. The average tends to be around twenty pounds, but of course those fishing for ulua are hoping to land one of the big ones for bragging rights. The other type, the omilu, tends to only get up to twenty pounds in the water surrounding the state of Hawaii, hence why most go after the white ulua.

There are multiple resources online that can provide you with great locations near Hawaii for ulua fishing. Be sure to plot out your path before casting into the open waters to ensure that you are somewhere that uluas are typically found. Before casting ensure that your pole is working properly and you have baited appropriately. It is recommended that you fish as if you are bass fishing, requiring a quick retrieval. This method can also be referred to as “whipping.”

In terms of gear and supplies to bring along the trip, most people prefer poppers in terms of lures, specifically the black pili poppers. If you are after the larger versions of these fish, obviously it is necessary for you to obtain and use baits that are large in size. The people of Hawaii tend to use special poles that tend to be between twelve and fourteen feet long. With these poles, you will also need a lead weight on the line so that your line can be anchored and sink for the fish to grab.

The best way to go about ulua fishing is something called slide bait fishing. The name may sound odd, but it aptly describes the process. What you do is use a line weighted with lead and slide large bait down your anchored line. There is a metal ring that stops what is called the slide bait buckle from going any further down the line, keeping the bait in place. This method is really good for Hawaii's shoreline, which can have dramatic drop-offs that are perfect for slide bait fishing.

Why do people engage in ulua fishing? There are two main reasons. The first is that it is definitely a challenge. These big fish definitely put up a fight and can put any fisherman to the ultimate test. Thus, they are an exciting and thrilling fish to pursue. The second reason is that they are very delicious. These fish constitute a local delicacy in Hawaii, and for good reason. Locals also have plenty of ways to prepare this dish in extremely appetizing arrangements, so it is worth a shot to try and snag one for yourself.

In conclusion, if you are in Hawaii and want to engage in a favorite pastime, then try your hand at ulua fishing. But be warned: these fish do not go down easily. Bring some patience, a little luck, and you will have your trophy in no time.