Types Of Perms

Tips on Types of Perms

With so many types of perms to choose from, where do you begin? Spiral and corkscrew and body waves, oh my! The many choices can make your mind spin. So, if you’re thinking of getting a perm, read on. Here are some helpful tips!

What is a perm?

A permanent, frequently referred to as a perm, is the process of tightly rolling hair in curlers. Once rolled, chemicals are poured over the rollers.  Once the chemicals have remained on the hair for a determined period of time, the natural enzymes of the hair are broken down.  Once those enzymes have been broken down, heat combined with the curlers re-forms your hair’s shape. Once the curlers have been removed, a person’s hair is then made “permanently” curly.  However, a permanent isn’t really permanent. Depending on whether it “takes” (works properly or not) a perm can last anywhere from a few weeks to a year. Types of perms vary, and exploring your options before you make a decision is best.

What is a spiral perm?

A spiral perm is more frequently used on those who have long hair.  Also known as a corkscrew perm, a spiral perm uses with long perm rods instead of curlers. A spiral perm rolls the rods in a vertical fashion tightly against the scalp. Once rolled, chemicals and neutralizer are applied to the rods. Once the solution has been applied for the recommended amount of time, the rods are unrolled to reveal an unruly cascade of corkscrew shaped curls.  Depending on the size of the rods, curls can be very small and tight or bouncy and full. As time goes on, the curls will begin to relax and eventually fade. This type of perm is best for those with long hair that are looking to increase volume and fullness.


What is a body wave perm?

A body wave is used for those who want to add body and fullness to their hair without the tight curls. It’s great for both short and long hair. Usually done with very large rods, a body wave is very popular in Hollywood right now.  It adds fullness and texture to limp, thin hair without limiting the movement or natural look of your hair.  It uses fewer chemicals and is slightly less damaging overall to the hair’s structure. However, the downside is that it may not last as long as other perms.

What is a volumizing perm?

A volumizing perm is great for all hair lengths. A perfect blend between a body wave and a spiral perm, a volumizing perm is the most popular choice. It adds lift and texture at the roots. The curls are allowed to relax slightly during the chemical process, thus creating a more natural looking curl that lasts longer than a body wave, but avoids the tightness quality that a spiral perm creates.

With the many types of perms to consider, it is best to take into consideration the texture, length, and strength of your hair.  Perms can be quite beautiful if done properly.  However, they are very hard on your hair.  The chemicals strip your hair of their natural enzymes and create a whole new base for your hair. If you’re sure a perm is the right choice for you, go for it. If you’re not sure, take a peek at a few more pictures, read the articles in regards to pros and cons of perming.  Be aware of all the types of perms available, and make an educated choice. Don’t forget, choosing a professional hair stylist that has experience doing perms is very important. Your hair is an important part of your outer beauty, so make sure you know how you want it to look, create a plan, and curl away!