Types Of Fences

Types of Fences – Many Choices to Get the Privacy You Want

When considering the types of fences available, many people just think of the standard chain link or wooden variety.  The fact is that there are many more options than that.

Some people are putting up a fence to keep something or someone out. Others are trying to keep something in, such as pets or small children. Still others want to put up a fence simply for the sake of privacy.

Here are some options for different types of fences that will meet various needs.

Vinyl Fencing

Many people became fans of the vinyl fence because it seemed like a no-maintenance alternative to wooden privacy fences.  While these fences may last somewhat longer than wooden fencing, there is some work involved to keep them looking their best. This maintenance involves cleaning the fence and failing to do so can leave a white vinyl fence that is covered in green or black growth.

Another thing to consider when it comes to vinyl fencing is the cost. These fences are much more expensive than wooden privacy fencing. They cost up to three times as much as a similar style fence made of wood.

Invisible Fence

If the purpose of the fence is to keep your animals in the yard, this option may work for you. Of all the types of fences, this is the only one that will not provide any measure of privacy. Instead, the only purpose is to stop your dogs from straying out of the yard.

To install an invisible fence, you bury a wire around the perimeter of your yard. Then your dog wears a special collar. If he crosses the perimeter when the invisible fence is turned on, he will get a shock. Keep in mind that it is not terribly uncommon for dogs to leave the yard anyway.

Also, many people consider invisible fences to be cruel to the animals as they get a pretty good shock if they get too close to the fence.

Trees and Shrubbery

While not technically a fence, many people use trees and shrubbery to provide a border around their yards and to provide privacy from neighbors.

There are many types of trees and shrubs that work well as barrier plants. The ones that will work best for you depend on the size of your yard and the area in which you live. Talk to a local nursery for suggestions about which would work best for you.

Trees and shrubbery are a good option for people who want some privacy, but would rather not have traditional fencing.

Of course, this option will not be very effective at keeping animals from straying out of the yard.

Chain Link vs. Privacy Fence

The most common types of fences are chain link and privacy fencing.  Chain link fencing is less expensive than privacy fencing, but doesn’t do much in the way of privacy. Also, some animals are actually able to climb a chain link fence.

Privacy fences are available in a variety of heights. If you choose to install a privacy fence, you’ll need to decide which height is best based on your needs and purpose for installing the fence.

There are many types of fences useful for a variety of purposes. With a little thought, you’ll be able to select the one that will best meet your needs and your budget.