Types Of Beef

A Meaty Guide to Types of Beef

People love and eat all different types of beef, and there are so many varieties and something available for every taste. Depending on the recipe or occasion, you can buy beef minced, chopped, diced or simply cut. There is also the option which part of the animal you would like to eat - the possibilities are infinite. Thus, this article gives you a quick overview of the different types of beef there are and what they are used for.

Minced Beef

Minced beef is very popular to make burgers, pasta dishes and meat balls. It is often a very inexpensive option and there are recipes around the world where some minced beef is vital. In some cultures, minced beef is even eaten raw with sauce or marinade. While there are many types of beef, the quality and freshness can usually be determined from the color. Good meat has a bright red color, while longer stored beef becomes brown. Some recipes actually require the beef to become brown in the open air, and it is still absolutely edible.


Steaks are larger pieces of beef that were cut from the ribs, loin, shoulder etc. Depending on what type of steak you get, the prices can vary. The most tender and delicious parts are top loin, t-bone, Porterhouse, rib eye and tenderloin. However, there are other types of steak that are also very nice and available for lower prices.

Steak lovers usually have a cooking preference ranging from rare to well-done. Medium or medium-rare is what most people prefer as it means that the beef is cooked on the outside, but still a little red on the inside. Unlike chicken, all types of beef can be eaten raw - of course, they should be fresh.

Steak is among the types of beef that is most commonly used on a BBQ. The smoky taste gained from the flames is highly appreciated by meat lovers, and steak is usually served with some type of BBQ or tomato sauce.

In some cultures, steak is slowly roasted and dried. The only time we eat dried beef in the Western World is in form of beef jerky.

Roast Beef

Roast beef is a Sunday favorite and the parts used are generally muscles or connective tissue. These types of beef are very tender, do not have a lot of fat and contain a lot of flavor. The secret of roasting beef is slow cooking and a good marinade that will serve as gravy later on. It is usually served with some roasted vegetables and is truly a delight for all meat eaters. Roast beef can also be purchased as a cold meat for sandwiches!

Corned Beef

Corned beef is usually made from the breast section and requires a longer production process. The beef is processed through several stewing and braising techniques and is later left in brine. It is also a favorite for sandwiches as it can be cut into thin layers and goes well with fresh vegetables and sauces such as mustard.

Beef Stir-Fry

This way of preparing beef is largely influenced by the Asian community. The beef is cut into cubes and is then cooked in oil with sauces and vegetables. You can purchase ready-made beef cubes, but you can also cut your own. Beef stir-fry is the perfect recipe for a less tender type of beef because it absorbs sauces and flavors that actually tenderize it nicely.  You may use a wok for this technique, but it is also possible to use a normal pan.

Beef Stew

Beef stew is almost the definition of homemade food. The beef is cut into cubes and simmers away in a nice stock with rustic veggies. Truly a feel of home!