Types Of Attorneys

The Many Types of Attorneys
There are many types of attorneys. They come in all sizes and shapes, and for every conceivable situation. Having specialists in varied fields of law insure every American citizen the opportunity to have the best possible legal assistance in any given situation.

Men and women choose their legal career path due to personal interest or perhaps in consideration of wages. Choosing the type of attorney you need depends on what type of legal assistance you need, of course; or perhaps you are considering a career as an attorney, yourself, but are unsure of which niche you wish to practice in. Generally speaking, employment opportunities for attorneys, and all other fields of law enforcement, are holding steady, if not on the rise.

For instance, of the types of attorneys, those going into family law would specialize in the matters of divorce. They are also active in custody battles and visitation rights, adoption and guardianships. Bankruptcy attorneys obviously help people out of their dire financial straits in helping them to liquidate their assets and assist in consolidation and elimination of debts. Business attorneys not only help when a business is being sued but all prudent business owners have an attorney on retainer to help run their operation and solicit advise on legal matters-not only on present situations but in perceived problems in the course of doing business.  Patent law is one of the highest paying legal fields of all. These specialists in intellectual property have their experience preparing patent applications for inventors, song writer, etc., and are in high demand.

If you or a loved one incurs an injury in a fall in someone's place of business or are the victim of an automobile accident then of the types of attorneys a personal injury lawyer is who you would seek as they are knowledgeable in the intricacies of, not only the law, but of the medical aspects involved in this type of case as well. There are also barristers that specialize in medical malpractice and product recall of a medical nature.

Maritime law deals with navigation and overseas commerce. Parties wanting to establish agreements for overseas shipping obtain advice from maritime attorneys who are also key in adjudicating matters that involve incidents occurring in international waters where no country’s law applies.

Other types of attorneys include civil rights attorneys who deal with infringements on a citizen’s right to freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of assembly. This includes discrimination based on color, creed or sex. Civil rights attorneys work on behalf of their client to sue for either monetary compensation or to halt the action being taken by the accused. Corporate attorneys handle all the affairs of the companies in their employ to assure that they maintain their operations within the confines of the law.

Criminal lawyers defend persons accused of more serious crimes not involving a civic nature. These types of attorneys deal in discrimination involving the workplace such as labor standards, while medical leave rights would require the expertise of an employment lawyer. Plus there are highly specialized attorneys who deal with only a certain type of case, such as Mesothelioma. The general practice attorney is a full service lawyer who handles cases over a wide variety of specialties including personal injury, business dealings, family and estate planning among others.

While some feel that any occupation in law enforcement is a regrettable field solely for its need to exist, and all types of attorneys are the butt of many amusing if not malicious jokes, there are no doubt these men and women do a great service for their clients.