Turning 50 Years Old

The Benefits of Turning 50 Years Old

Turning 50 years old isn’t nearly as bad as you might believe. There are really many benefits to being 50 and older. Although it may not seem like it when you are 30, when you reach 50 you are just entering the best time of your life. Not only will find that life is just simpler once you reach your 50s; you will also be a lot wiser than you were when you were in your 30s.

Many people find that life is a lot easier after turning 50 years old. Suddenly you know who you are and what it is you want out of life; there isn’t anymore having to find yourself. It also seems as if you have a lot more control over your life than you once did. When we are young we seemed to be taken along by the tide and may be pushed into directions that we didn’t intend on going, but once you are older you have enough wisdom to know how to go against the tide and be exactly who you want to be.

Just because you are turning 50 years old doesn’t mean you have to look and feel like you are 50. If you eat right and get plenty of exercise you will probably look and feel years younger than what you are. There is no doubt that you are likely to have a few more aches and pains than you did 10 or 20 years ago, but all things considering, 50 should be a time you are looking forward to.

Some of the many benefits of turning 50 years old include the fact that you are likely to have a lot more freedom than you did before. By the time you are 50 your children should be grown and out on their own. Once you are no longer tied down with children you can sleep all day on the weekend if you want, or go on a weekend getaway, there will be nothing to stop you.

If you do happen to have children at home, you will likely have a lot more patience for them than you once did. For some reason the older we get the more time and patience we have for children.

Another benefit of turning 50 years old is that you are likely far more financially secure than you were a decade or two ago. If your mortgage isn’t already paid off, it most likely will be before long. In addition to this you probably have your nest egg put away in the bank, so that in a few years you can be totally free of work. Being 50 years old means that you have almost made it to those golden years of carefree living. In the past the golden years were not considered to be do great, but these days older people are just starting to live life at that age; it’s all a matter of attitude.

That old saying that you are only as old as you feel is very true. Sure your body is aging but if you take care of it you should get a lot more mileage still. There is no reason why you can’t go mountain climbing, visit the gym a couple times of week and go shopping with friends on the weekend. There is just so much left to life that it is senseless to let something as insignificant as turning 50 stop you from having fun and feeling as young as you want to.

It is not unusual for someone to feel a lot of anxiety about turning 50 years old, but once you reach your 50s and beyond, you are going to wonder what exactly it was you were so worried about.