Turning 30 Years Old

What Turning 30 Years Old May Mean To You

Most people, when young consider that by the time they are turning 30 years old they have hit their ‘turning old’ milestone. Ironically, by the time they are twenty-five these same people have a different outlook on ‘old’.

Traditionally, young people set goals, deadlines for achievements and accomplishments they hope to obtain, first by the time they are thirty, and then as that age looms near, at least by the time they are forty. Thirty is that magic year-the decade before forty when the ‘decline’ begins. Turning 30 years old is a memorable time of anyone’s life.

Some people-particularly women view the day they turn 30 with dread. They see everything slipping away-the proverbial ‘through their fingers’ so to speak. Like one women turning 30 years old relayed: I have truly accomplished all the things I wanted to do by now but I feel . . . well, I feel as if I am losing something important; Youth!

Still others look at turning 30 years old as the next exciting phase of their life-viewing it as the best years of their lives! Many see themselves as old enough to (finally) know how to enjoy themselves but young enough to (still) have a good time. Others look back on all the dumb stuff they did and look forward (grateful they are still alive) to the wisdom they have acquired as they are entering their 30’s. Maybe an ache or two more, but hey . . .

For women it’s a time to stop being a kid relating to other kids. The milestones of 18, 21, and 25 are behind and suddenly you are seeing things differently-like on a different level. You look at a guy and don't think, "Oh, how do I look?” But instead you look and say, "Oh, my. To be ten years younger!" Your soul-searching is taking on a different meaning when turning 30 years old also. You look in the mirror and don't see everything you want to change. You see the things you actually like. It’s a glorious time of not trying to ‘escape’ anymore. You’ve finally started making some solid plans!!

For men it is a time for identify goals if they have not already been set-deciding what is needed for him (and family, if there is one) and where the landing destination will be by the time birthday number 40 arrives. It is time to start a fund meant for emergencies only and pay off credit cards or at least pay them down. Investing should be looked into-maybe through your job as you approach turning 30 years old. It is time to think of the future. If you have not already, establish your credit. As far as a man’s psychological development goes he is as close to being an adult as he ever will be and yet, still use some of the old stand-bys and coping strategies he did when he was in his youth.

Some great realizations as we are turning 30 years old should be: Money is not about health, happiness, fame or peace of mind-life is. It’s not about getting drunk to be flirtatious or to cut loose, have fun, get over a bad day, or to say things we couldn‘t have when we were younger. It is realizing we do not have to ‘be friends’ with people we don’t like or who are unkind, or who annoy others just because they can. It’s hanging out with people we just plain like hanging out with.

Whether we choose to celebrate or ignore the day it is just a 24 hour period and when it is past business will go on as usual. And you know? I distinctly remember my mother was 29 for about eight years. She upped it when I turned 25!!