Treadmill Problems

How to Solve Treadmill Problems

The treadmill is one of the most commonly used types of exercise equipment both in the home and in commercial gyms, so treadmill problems have to be solved as quickly as possible. There are a number of different mechanical difficulties that can strike exercise equipment, so it is always important to maintain the machines properly – at home or at the gym. Besides the down time cutting into your workout schedule, repair costs can cut into your wallet as well.

If you workout at home, treadmill problems should not be difficult to identify, especially if you use the machine on a daily basis. Even if the problem is not something obvious, like not starting up, you will know the treadmill well enough to sense when it may be headed for a break down.

Exercise machines usually have a certain rhythm and feeling in the way they work, so your treadmill may shimmy or shake in a different way when a malfunction is present. Even if the machine just seems a little bit off, it is a good idea to have it checked out before something major develops. Identifying a potential treadmill problem early may allow for easier repair, and it could eliminate any down time when the machine will be unavailable for use.

For home treadmill owners, the easiest way to identify and solve treadmill problems is by contacting the manufacturer. They can generally advise you on how to do easy repairs on your own or provide a name of a reliable repair company to contact. This is something that should be taken into consideration when purchasing a treadmill or other expensive piece of exercise equipment. Always check out the maintenance and repair recommendations as well as any warranties that come with the treadmill.

Gym owners have an even greater responsibility when it comes to solving and fixing treadmill problems. Since many patrons rely on the gym equipment to be in good working order every day, it has to be properly maintained and quickly repaired when a problem crops up.

The best situation for a commercial gym would be to have a person on staff who is able and available to repair any broken machines right away. This may not always be possible, but at the minimum there should be a repairperson on call that can do the job within a day or two. Whenever an exercise machine at the gym is broken down, it is a serious detraction for the gym and can cost them customers if it happens too often. Equipment problems are to be expected, but it is not acceptable for machines to be broken down for more than a couple days at a time.

Owners and operators of commercial gyms would be wise to keep close track of the warranties and maintenance plans available for all of the equipment they purchase. It is also a good idea to have a regular maintenance program, whereby each machine is checked out, cleaned and kept in proper working order.

As with any piece of mechanical equipment, prevention is often the best way to avoid treadmill problems. Keep a chart or schedule of all repairs and perform routine cleaning and maintenance to keep the machine in top form over the long haul. The manufacture can usually recommend a program to maintain the treadmill. It will probably include regular cleaning of fans and screens, proper care of electrical components and lubrication of the belts required for problem free movement and operation.