Toxic Friendships

Advice For Dealing With Toxic Friendships

Nearly everyone has had at least some experience dealing with toxic friendships at one time. Unfortunately, there is simply no way to know in advance if a friendship is going to be of the toxic variety so there isn’t really a set way of avoiding them.

On the bright side there are a few signs to look for that will be indicative that you might have some toxic friendships. One of the most obvious signs that you will see in one of these relationships is that the other person will want much more from you than what they are willing to give. If you see a pattern of the person being unequal, it is a clear indication that something is wrong.

A couple other signs to look for with toxic friendships are that the other person will feel that they are basically more important than you. They may also be inflexible and unwilling to give an inch. If any of these signs sounds like someone you know, you may want to think twice about spending time with this person.

Toxic friendships are bad for a number of different reasons; these people are too demanding and will complicate your life. In addition to this, they may do things to destroy your life while, using you to build themselves up. Not only can this cause you a lot of trouble, but also it is terrible for your self-esteem.

Indicators of toxic friendships,

If you have toxic friendships you’ll want to end these relationships in order to remove the strain from your own life. You can do this quickly or bow out slowly, but be aware that neither of these methods is easy.

You do not need to deal with toxic friendships, but keep in mind that you don’t want to be a bad friend either. There is a major difference between a friend that needs a shoulder to cry on and someone that toxic. A true friend will be just as sympathetic when you need it, as you are when they are in need.

Toxic friendships are not good, rid yourself of them and foster quality friendships.