Topwater Lures

Using Topwater Lures for Bass Fishing

Topwater lures are definitely the way to go when fishing for your friendly neighborhood bass.  As experienced anglers knows, there are certain times of day when bass come out to feed and do their thing.  This is the best time to turn those bassy hunters into the hunted.  However, you have to know how to cast, what lure to use and how to be patient.  Many anglers don’t really like topwater lures, but if you really want to bring in those bass and have a nice hearty dinner from them, nothing beats a topwater.

When to Use Topwater Lures

There are certain times of the day that are ideal for using topwater lures.  One of these times is early in the morning right at dawn.  Just as the sky starts to lighten, this is the best time to find yourself on a rock along the shallow section of the lake.  The bass come up into the shallow end for the same reason that you do, to fish.  The smaller fish come into this area in order to feed as well.

If you look down between the rocks, you may even distinguish these other fish as they dart and weave along their underwater thoroughfares.  You can learn quite a bit about fishing from watching the movement of fish themselves.

The other great time to go topwater lure fishing is in the middle of the night.  The cooler temperature seems to bring out both bass and prey alike.  In addition, there is something really unusual and cool about standing along the dark expanse of the lake and fishing when all the other nocturnal creatures are out making the ruckus they make every night—a ruckus that makes the forest seem like a populated city full of animals.

Techniques for Topwater Lures

Of course, it is not enough just to find the correct place to fish for bass.  Most of these lake bass who have reached the correct size to be fished are mature and have sixth sense about the dangers of fishermen.  The worst thing that you can do is to make your own big ruckus, scare away the bass for the day, so step carefully, and find a place from which you can get a good cast.  The experienced angler knows that the best way to avoid making a ruckus is to get to the chosen location early and set up long before the bass have had a chance to sniff you out.

If you get there early enough, you will be able actually to see the waves of fish as they enter the shallow area in search of food.  They eat little tiny fish, and try to keep their location a secret from the predator bass.  It is not long, however, before the bass have arrived and everything is ready to be set in motion.

The best technique for bass fishing with a top lure is to cast the line and after letting it sit for second, slowly move across the surface back towards you.  Try to mimic the fish you saw earlier in shallows.  Skim them across the surface as you slowly reel in the lure.

If you do it right, you should have a bite in no time.  When the fish does bite, however, you want to be as sure as possible to reel the lure in and to try actually to capture the bass that has taken hold of your line.  This can be harder than it sounds since many people get impatient, pull up on the fishing pole when they hear the bass try to take the bait and lose the bass.

In fact, what you should do is wait to feel the tug of bass on your pole and then start reeling them in.

With these techniques in hand, you are bound to be able to get your fair share of bass.