Effective Team Building Activities for Adults

Team building activities for adults can be just as effective as those used to encourage children to work and play well together. There are many scenarios in which a group of adults may need to improve the way they function together, such as a workplace, a committee or board, or even the residents in a local neighborhood or subdivision. The following team building activities for adults are easy to do and are effective ways of encouraging adults to get to know one another and to learn how to be more productive or trusting of each other.

Introduction Games

Most of us can probably think of a situation in which we have been thrown into a group of strangers. In cases like this the group members may feel awkward or at a loss when it comes to breaking the ice. On the other hand, the group may be so large that it would simply be too confusing and time consuming for each person to introduce themselves in the traditional one-on-one way. Either way, a few team building activities for adults can really come in handy to help avoid tension, awkwardness, and lengthy introduction periods. One option is to play an introduction game or even a series of introductory games, depending on how well the group members need to get along together.

For starters, each individual needs to learn the names of his/her teammates. A great game for this purpose is called "Name Ball." The only equipment necessary for this game is a ball; it can be a soft foam ball, a large beach ball, or even a wadded-up piece of paper. All of the team members should stand side-by-side in a circle formation. Anyone holding the ball has to introduce himself or herself by stating their name and anything else that may be pertinent, such as where they come from, the company they are associated with, their age, or what they hope to accomplish as a member of the group.

Another fun game of introduction involves the use of items from handbags, wallets, or pockets. The idea of the game is that the members can get to know a little about their teammates by seeing the things that they carry around. For instance, one member might have a membership card to a local movie store, which they might show to the group with the explanation that they like to watch movies in their spare time. Another person might share a photograph of their family or a pet. Even a set of car keys and a description of the type of car the individual drives can help his/her teammates to learn more about them.

"Finish the Sentence" is yet another great introductory game. A list of unfinished sentences is circulated around the group and each person can ask one of the group members to finish a chosen question. Sample sentences include: "My favorite food is," "The funniest thing to happen to me," "My favorite type of music is..." The idea of this activity is to learn things about one's teammates that they otherwise might not have the opportunity to discover.

Build a Tower

When it comes to team building activities for adults, the "Build a Tower" task can certainly turn into a fun bonding experience. To complete this activity the organizer will have to divide the overall group into teams. Each team will be given the same collection of seemingly random items from which they must build a tower. The only rules are that the tower must be solely constructed using the items that are provided to the team and the tower must also be able to stand alone without any support. The team with the tallest tower wins.

Ropes or Obstacle Course

There's nothing like a fun outdoor activity to encourage a little bonding within a team. Having team members engage in an obstacle course or a ropes course is a great trust activity because it allows members to encourage one another to overcome obstacles and to grow both individually and as a group. Cheering one another on, sharing innocent laughter over bloopers, and coming together to accomplish a common goal will help to bring team members together.

Put Together a Fundraiser

Organizing a fundraiser is a wonderful way to encourage individuals to work together towards a common goal. There is always a need for a fundraiser, whether the money goes to a local animal shelter, charity, school, or library. The group will be responsible for deciding how they are going to raise funds and then work together to put the fundraiser into action. The fundraiser can be anything from a bake sale to a car wash or even a BBQ dinner. An added benefit to holding a fundraiser is that the benefiting organization will acquire some much-appreciated financial aid.

Volunteer Within the Community

Volunteering within the community can be a humbling experience and what better way can a group of people get to know one another than by joining up on the same level. Picking up trash along a local highway, helping out at an animal shelter, or volunteering at a homeless shelter are just a few options that can be carried out in most local areas. For large-scale bonding, consider signing the team up for a Habitat for Humanity project or mission trip.