Tea Storage

Tea Storage - Doing It The Right Way

Tea storage is one area where people find a lot of points to agree on and to disagree on as well. People agree on most of the physical properties of tea and how different factors affect them. This reduces tea storage to a pretty simple task. Tea is pretty hardy. The meaning of the term hardy is explained by the fact that tea is shipped over large distances, handled by many people and stored easily by many different companies and enterprises around the world. The black variety of tea is especially very easy to ship and store. However, the exact methods of storage always vary with different companies and people.

The biggest enemy one has to defeat while storing tea would be light. Light will destroy the flavour in the tea many people say. There is another group of people who again disagree on this and say moisture will wreak more havoc on tea leaves than light. There is yet another group of people who argue that it is neither light nor moisture but where the tea is stored and along with what it is stored that decides the condition of the tea.

Tea is supposed to be hygroscopic. Hygroscopic means to be able to absorb moisture from the surrounding environment. Many people believe that tea should never be stored in glass jars but in air tight containers. The best method would be store tea in the classic tea tins. The tin should be completely filled to the top and closed tightly. One can also use a bag with several layers. The bag should have a glassine or foil lining. Plastic bags are of no use as they are porous and will let moisture through.

Many people prefer to use paper bags for tea storage during shipping. One of the biggest advantages with paper is that it is not an enemy of the environment. Tea has always been and still is handled and shipped with these paper bags. This is the choice most people who ship tea internationally prefer. Very few countries prefer tea to be shipped in plywood boxes lined with non porous material.

Then there are the people worried about light during tea storage. Many retail storekeepers say that customers like seeing tea in glass jars. The company just has to do its best to keep the tea in the glass jars and the same time keep the jars out of direct light and in shade. The temperature is also maintained as cool as possible. The container being sealed is very important in tea. Retail storekeepers tend to keep the tea shrink-wrapped and in a tin. They can also choose to use a glass jar with an air tight gasket. The most important factor is a cool, low humidity place which is out of direct light.

Some people opine that tea is actually very sturdy and hardy. The say that a cool place is enough for tea and refrigeration is not necessary. The factor that tea is most susceptible to is moisture. They say that tea absorbs anything around it and care should be taken to ensure there is no moisture around.  Most people who store large quantities of tea do not take a chance and just go with both the theories. They protect tea from both the elements. They usually store tea in large wooden chests. If the have to move it they shift the tea into three pound containers to make it convenient for the retailer. It is a great idea to wrap the tea in plastic bags for extra protection. This is to ensure the tea remains absolutely pure and does no pick up any contaminants. These are some of the methods employed in tea storage. Most people just go with what works the best for them. Go ahead and choose your method tea storage today.