Sweet 16 Gift Ideas

Sweet 16 Gift Ideas Guaranteed To Please

What you come up with in your search for sweet 16 gift ideas will be different depending on whether you're thinking of the girl next door, or a party held to celebrate a college basketball tournament. Chances are however, it's for the girl next door, and you want to find a gift that helps make her 16th birthday a special day indeed.

She's Grown Up Now - Now sweet 16 gift ideas aren't really all that hard to come by. One thing for certain, this young lady has grown up a great deal since her 13th and even her 14th birthday. Even if she was a mature young person back then, she's even more so now. You can find a gift in keeping with the day, or one that she can used for years to come. The 16 year old is beginning to look forward to her senior year in high school and life beyond, and may have a pretty good idea as to what she would like to do and be.

A gift in keeping with the day is one that's in tune with her current interests and things she likes to do. A gift she can make use of in the future might be something that will be useful in her senior year, in college, or in future travels.

Jewelry - Most young ladies like jewelry, but here it's always a good idea to know what her likes and dislikes may be, gold or silver, elegant or extravagant. Some girls have very definite preferences as to not only the color of a piece of jewelry, but its size and shape as well. Get the wrong item and it may only be worn once, if at all. Jewelry is best given by someone who knows the recipient's tastes well. A thought regarding jewelry -  get something that has her birthstone in it.

Electronics? - It's a long ways from jewelry to electronics, and electronics used to be something for boys only. Not any longer. If your 16 year old has made it this far without having her own cell phone, she's may or may not be in the minority, but she's definitely old enough to have use for one, not just to gab with her girl friends on, but if she's starting to drive a car and venturing far from home a little more often, a cell phone is a good way to keep in touch, and a valuable thing to have in case of any emergency. Cell phones have come down considerably in price. You may elect to get one with all the bells and whistles, or stick to something more basic. If you're a parent and don't want any cell phone bill surprises, get one where you pay in advance, and buy her a few hundred minutes to help her get started.

A Typewriter May Be Hard To Find - Back in the dark ages, sweet 16 gift ideas often included a portable typewriter, useful for term papers and certainly useful in the college environment. Today of course it's the laptop. Even if she isn't computer literate, though most 16 year olds are, she can learn how to surf the web and exchange e-mails pretty quickly, and a laptop is of course a great, and now days a necessary, study tool for high school and college. Other sweet 16 gift ideas in the area of electronics are the digital camera, the MP3 player, and the Ipod.

A Gift Basket - A sweet 16 gift basket has all sorts of possibilities. Not as expensive as a laptop or a digital camera, you can still fill the basket with items she likes and needs, including a humorous item or two if you desire. What magazine does a 16 year old read? Put three of four of them in the basket. If you know what her reading habits are, stick in a paperback novel, perhaps one currently on the NY Times bestseller list. After all, she's an adult now in terms of reading skills and reading choices. Throw in a few cosmetics if you know what she likes or what she uses. Add one or two CDs or DVDs to the mix and maybe even a small box of candy. And pick out a basket or container that has something special about it as well, something she'll want to keep and put to further use.


Gift Certificates - A gift certificate is almost always a good idea. Most people, not just 16 year olds, like to shop for things they want or need, especially when it's not costing them anything. There is always the clothing retailer, the book or music store, and if she's the outdoors type or likes jogging or running, a sporting goods store certificate would be an excellent gift. A gift certificate from a home improvement center? Probably not.

Concerts - When it comes to sweet 16 gift ideas, we've really only scratched the surface, but you probably won't go wrong with one of the above items. An additional thought, especially if you're a boy friend. See what's going on in town in the way of entertainment, and give her a pair of concert tickets. Maybe she'll invite you along!