Surprise Proposal

Surprise Proposal Ideas for the Romantically Clueless

With all of the pressure put on men these days to sweep their beloveds off of their feet, it is no wonder that the surprise proposal has become so popular. Unfortunately, not everyone has an innate trait that enables them to come up with awe-inspiring ideas for marriage proposals.

If you are one of these people, or if you just like to read about proposals while you wait for your own, this list of surprise proposal ideas just may help you get in touch with your inner hopeless romantic.

Romantic Bath Surprise

If your loved one has a high stress daily life, a wonderful idea is to run them a bath with candles or perhaps soft music playing in the background. They will appreciate the luxurious relaxation, and when they are ready to get out, you can bring them a towel with your ring resting on top. You may also opt to leave the towel on top of a sink counter and secretly place the ring on top as you leave the room. While our loved one is bathing, you can then sneak to the kitchen and prepare some wine, make phone calls to family, and eagerly await the inevitable gasp and squeal that the ring will bring.

Chinese Takeout Ring

If you and your future fiancé are not the red roses and candles types, consider this idea. Volunteer to go pick up some takeout food (Chinese works best since it comes in boxes). Before bringing the food inside, take her entrée or a rice side and take out a small portion of it. Place some cloth (or a napkin in a pinch) inside the chosen food box and then place the ring box inside of that. This will ensure that your loved one is completely surprised, because the box will still have heft and weight to it. They will never see it coming.

Mail Order Fiancé

One sneaky way to pull off a surprise proposal is to mail the ring with a romantic letter or card to your sweetheart. If you live together and are home at the same time, you can also choose to get down on one knee once the box is open and formally ask. The trick here is to use a fake return address on the box. In lieu of packing peanuts, you can also choose to stuff the shipping box (hopefully small) with fake rose petals.

Weekend Getaway Proposal

Many people like taking a weekend getaway to a fun location. Las Vegas is a popular choice because airfare and lodging is inexpensive and there are myriad things to do for people of every taste. It also lends itself to several ways to pull off a surprise proposal, such as an impromptu trip to the top of the Eifel Tower at Paris.

The problem with a vacation proposal is that many people will be expecting it, especially if marriage has been a recent topic. If vacations or weekend stays in hotels are common practice for you, then you have nothing to worry about. If they aren’t, however, you will need to downplay the romance aspect and go for flashy fun until the right moment.


Any hotel that offers room service will be more than happy to help you out here, just arrange it beforehand. After a long day of running amok, suggest graciously that your loved one take a bath or shower. While they are out of the room, arrange for room service to bring a cart with an empty platter (with cover) up, as well as some wine or champagne. Place the ring underneath the lid of the platter and when your sweetness comes in fresh from a shower, explain that you ordered some snacks. You may also choose to hide the champagne until after you officially propose.