Sugar Roses


Beginner’s Guide to Making Sugar Roses

Nothing makes a cake look more complete than a bunch of sugar roses. These sweet creations are easier to make than you might think. All you need is a few simple cake decorating supplies, a big batch of sugary icing, a bit of creativity and some patience.



Sugar roses can be made in all different colors and sizes. Depending on the shade you choose to color your icing, the appearance of icing roses can be as diverse and creative as the cake decorator’s imagination will allow. One of the most spectacular things about roses that adorn a cake is their intricate design. The cake decorator becomes a virtual artist, creating layers of rose petals and giving the edible roses a look that is as close to the real thing as you can get without a garden.

Before you begin your cake decorating, get all of your supplies in order so they will be ready when you need them. Here is what you will need to make sugar roses:

> Cake icing. Most experienced decorators use butter cream or royal icing. For the best results, you want the frosting to be very stiff. Translation: use lots of sugar.

> Icing bag. You cannot make the perfect rose without a good bag to squeeze the frosting out with. Using a bag for decorating allows you to control how much icing you use and gives you the ability to easily manipulate the icing.

> Cake decorating tip. A round number 12 tip is the size needed to start the rose. Then you will use a large petal tip to create the petals of your perfect sugar roses.

> Icing nail. This is used as a base for your icing rose.

> Parchment paper cut into small squares for easy sugar rose transport.

Once you have your supplies together, you are ready to begin:

First fill the icing bag with your chosen color and squeeze out a small circle of the icing onto the top of the icing nail. Place a square of the parchment paper directly onto the icing circle.

Next you will put the number 12 tip onto the open end of your icing bag and create the base of the sugar rose. Squeeze out a large dollop of icing onto the icing nail to make the first layer of the base. Pull the bag straight up and squeeze again for the second layer of the base, which should be a slightly smaller dollop. Pull up on the bag one more time and stop squeezing to create the last layer of the rose base.

Now switch the decorating tip from the number 12 tip to the large petal tip to create the center of the rose. Start with the tip about half way up the rose base, and squeeze the bag as you turn the nail around slowly. Raise the frosting bag up, and your center is complete.

Make rose petals around the center by holding the tip at the halfway point again and then moving it quickly down. Continue the same process while turning the icing nail around as you continue to add rose petals in layers around the base of the rose. You will move further away from the center as you add petals, and the petals should get a bit larger as you go along.

When the rose is complete, pick up the parchment square from the icing nail and set it aside to dry. When the icing rose is dry, simply remove it from the parchment and place it atop your cake.