Straightening Curly Hair

Easy Methods for Straightening Curly Hair

It is common for one group of people to wish they had straight hair and another group to look for ways of straightening curly hair.  As the old saying goes, “People seem to want what they do not have”, which is definitely true when it comes to hair.  Of course, some people with curly hair simply want a temporary solution so they can wear the hair curly if wanted or straight.  However, some people with curly hair are tired of the look and want a more permanent solution.  Regardless, we wanted to provide some helpful tips for both temporary and permanent methods of straightening curly hair.

Temporary Hair Straightening Methods

We will start by looking at methods for straightening curly hair on a temporary basis.  Let us say you had an important business meeting, a special night on the town, or perhaps you woke up on a day with high humidity only to find your hair out of control, you could achieve a completely different look with any of the following methods, which are both effective and safe.

Permanent Hair Straightening Methods

Straightening curly hair so it remains straight would need to be done using the right hair product.  Keep in mind that although using a hair product would be considered “permanent”, the process would need to be repeated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.  Although we recommend you have your hair permanently straightened by a professional, a number of products are now sold that are safe for straightening curly hair at home.

For the at-home products, hair should be washed and conditioned first, using products sold with the chemical.  From there, Ammonium Thioglycolate in lotion form is applied, which softens curls by releasing internal stresses on the curls.  Then, for straightening curly hair at home, following application of the product, you would use a flat iron.  When done, a neutralizer is applied to the hair, which helps by locking the hair into its new straight position.

When a high quality product is used, the process of removing curls at home would last anywhere from six to eight months.  Of course, the degree of curliness and the way your particular hair responds would determine just how long the product would work.  In addition to this method of straightening curly hair providing smoothness, you would also notice that any fuzziness would be eliminated, leaving the hair silky and smooth.