Straight Perm

The Facts about the Straight Perm

Women used to get a perm to make their hair curlier, but today the hottest trend is to get a straight perm. It seems that lots of women with curly hair now want just the opposite, and that has given birth to a new technique which is all the rage across America.

The straight perm is not an American invention though; it has it origins in Japan. It is known by such other names as Japanese straight perm, thermal reconditioning, or Japanese straightening. The goal is hair that is completely straight and shiny.

The straight perm not only originated in Japan but is only done well by hair stylists who have been trained specifically in the Japanese techniques. Some people go even farther and won’t have their hair straightened by anyone who has not trained at the headquarters of the Japanese companies who specialize in straightening systems. The two most sought after techniques or brands are Yuko and Liscio.

If you want the best when it comes to the straight perm, be prepared to spend a good amount of time and money. It takes just about an entire day to undergo the straightening process, and be prepared to spend from $600 to $1000, plus tip. You have to be pretty serious about wanting the straight look when you go to this kind of expense to get it.

If you do decide to get a straight perm, start out by being honest about your hair with the stylist. This is a process which is very tough on hair and if you have had other kinds of work done on your hair, you have to let the stylist know. That way they can adjust the process so that it will not damage your hair. You will be asked if you have ever had a regular perm, how often you have colored your hair, and other questions along the same lines as these.

Most women who have thermal reconditioning done by Japanese-trained professionals are thrilled with the results. The intensive process starts with being shampooed and then sitting under heat lamps. Next, hair is blown and ironed with a flatiron. This process is repeated at least twice and even more times if your hair still is not straight. You can expect to spend from six to eight hours at the salon.

You will be told not to let your hair to get wet for three days and to come back in six months for a retouch on the new growth. The hair that was originally flattened, if done properly, will not have to be straightened again for at least ten to twelve months. The hot ironing uses the heat to rebuild the bonds in your hair, allowing it to lie straight. Because of the chemical treatment, you will need to keep your hair well-conditioned and protect your hair with a UV hair protection product before spending time in the sun.

If you have curly or wavy hair, all it usually takes is a little moisture to make it twice as curly or frizzy. Many women simply do not like all the care that you have to take with curls, especially if your hair is long. All it takes is a little humidity and your hair can be all over the place and out of control.

Many women have already spent hours at home with their own flatiron and blow dryer, trying to straighten their hair, with either no results at all or very short-lasting results. If straight hair is your goal, there is no reason not to try out the Japanese straight perm. You can take out as much curl as you want and have hair which is not only easy to care for but looks great.