Steaming Clams

Everything You Want To Know About Steaming Clams

Steaming clams is a fast and easy way to enjoy a tasty treat.  Clams are mollusks that you can only find available fresh in the summertime.  These soft-bodied animals housed in shells have a salty, mild taste with a chewy texture.  They are found all along the seashore of the Pacific and Atlantic coasts and are considered a favorite by many people.

Types Of Clams

There are four types of clams to choose from being:


Health Benefits

Most people who partake in steaming clams are not even aware of the many health benefits that they offer.

The Process Of Steaming Crabs

Things you will need for steaming clams includes:


The first thing you will do is thoroughly inspect the clams.  Place them on a dry, clean towel and loosely shuffle them.  Throw away any that are open or appear abnormal by wrapping them in a bag and tossing them in the trash outside or the smell will quickly become unbearable.

Next, you will prepare the clams:

Now, you will place the clams into a large pot.  A half cup of water to every pound of clams is the general rule.  Add in the ingredients from above.  It is important to note that the seasonings are really optional for steaming clams but this is how to achieve the maximum flavor.

Within 5 to 10 minutes, the clams should open their shells and if any don't, they should be thrown away.  Remove the clams from the pot and put them on a dish with a bit of broth around them.  Sprinkle with sea salt, garnish with lemon and serve piping hot with melted butter.

It is always recommended to throw away clams that won't open and never try to force them open.  Chances are they are either filled with rotting flesh or dirt, which is why they are called mudders.

Also, you can add a bit of sea salt to the melted butter but keep in mind that this is an already salty dish since clams are from the ocean.