Standard Bathtub Size

Selecting a Bathtub: A Standard Bathtub Size

When remodeling a bathroom or building a house, many people will be faced with the problem of finding out the standard bathtub size. Believe it or not, bathtubs come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, not to mention colors. You can get a bathtub that acts as a jacuzzi or one that is a bathtub and shower combined. Furthermore, you can get a jade green tub to compliment your palm tree décor or you can go with the traditional white or off white. However, the majority of the population that is seeking to replace a bathtub or add one to a newly built house will be looking for the standard bathtub size. Therefore, throughout this article we will explore purchasing a new bathtub in the following sizes: small, standard, corner, and large.

Your typical standard bathtub size is thirty inches by sixty inches by twenty inches (30 x 60 inches width and length, respectively, and 20 inches deep). Furthermore, your standard American bathtub can hold right at forty-two gallons from the bottom to the overflow. Even though these are the most common sizes, many people wish to have a smaller tub and a corner shower to allow for more floor space. On the other hand, some people prefer to have a much larger bathtub in order to take long, relaxing baths.

It is relatively hard to find a bathtub smaller than the standard bathtub size; however, it is possible. McKenzie makes a steel tub that is only four feet long. Although, if this is not the bathtub (or brand) for you and space is limited, for quite a large expense you may be able to get a whirlpool tub made to meet your exact needs and specifications. Be aware that getting a smaller than average size jetted tub may actually cause more problems than you would first imagine—it may not work as well as your standard bathtub size as a result of mechanics (the jets may push out too much water causing it to overflow).

Along with smaller bathtubs and your standard size, you may also be able to purchase a corner bathtub. These come in a variety of sizes and should definitely be measured thoroughly before being purchased. Take into consideration not only the allotted space but also the overall design of your bathroom. On the other hand, others prefer to have extremely large bathtubs. Again, make sure there is an adequate amount of space for the tub before purchasing. Some people may choose to get a bathtub that is deeper instead of larger. Regardless of what size bathtub you are wishing to purchase, be sure to check the rim height. Having a higher rim is better for those that are taller by nature. This height will allow for more space for water, enabling more body coverage.

Now, let’s examine a few different tips on selecting a bathtub. First, decide how much space you have available for your tub. Do you wish to purchase a standard size tub? Or would you prefer a small, large, or corner tub? Second, decide if you wish to have jetted tubs or a “standard” one. Would you like to have a shower attached or just a stand-alone tub? Third, observe support systems if you are wishing to buy a cast iron tub or anything else that consists of heavier materials. Fourth, of what type of material would you like the tub to be made? Do you want acrylic or enameled steel? Finally, make sure the tub you select is one you wish to have for years.

In conclusion, many people decide to go with a standard bathtub size. However, there are multiple different brands, shapes, and sizes of bathtubs on the market. Whatever bathtub you need will depend not only on your bathroom layout, but also the space and support system within the bathroom. Therefore, make sure to take all of these things into consideration before deciding upon a bathtub.