Squash Training

Tips on Squash Training

There is a unique feature about the game of squash; training for the sport can be totally a solo venture.  While each person’s training schedule can differ, it is imperative that a full body workout be incorporated to prepare the body for the constant demands placed on it during the game.

About the game

Squash is a sport that pits one individual against another, or played between two teams of doubles.  It is a very fast game, requiring the body to be in almost constant movement.  Speed, agility and strength are all demanded of the player as they sprint, run, reach, stretch and twist their bodies while chasing the ball around the court.  Needless to say, the sport necessitates several levels of fitness of the player; fitness that can only be attained through hours of practice and training.

How to train

Different types of training will help to develop the skills needed for playing squash.  It is beneficial to practice regular training and cross training to get in shape and stay in shape, including aerobic exercise, anaerobic activity, strength training and endurance building.

One of the great things about training for the game of squash is that it does not require group effort.  Individual players can concentrate on specific areas in which they are lacking to enhance their physical condition, or to design their own full body workout that cross trains between the difference types of fitness activity.  This means they are able to determine their own exercise schedule based on their time availability and their resources.  

Most sports engage in team training or practice to enhance the playing power of the group activity, but squash training is unique in that players can design their own training schedule and practice solo.  Because of the high level of energy exerted during the game, it is strongly recommended that players work at their fitness levels before and while they are involved with playing the game.