Spearfishing Grouper

Have a Special Maritime BBQ by Spearfishing Grouper!

Spearfishing is also often called underwater hunting, and spearfishing grouper is a great way to start out if you wish to get into fishing! In many countries spearfishing is prohibited while other countries continue this traditional way of fishing as part of their culture or commercial hunting techniques.



In comparison to other methods, spearfishing grouper is probably the best alternative as opposed to catching grouper with nets or other invasive things like that. This is because spearfishing does usually not cause unwanted damage and does not remove things from the ocean that were not originally planned. If using a net you may catch other types of fish or you may damage parts of a riff. Thus, spearfishing grouper is the environmentally safest way to catch your BBQ delight!

Spearfishing is rarely a method applied for commercial use in the western world because it simply does not provide enough fish for all. Instead, you should use this way of hunting to catch for yourself, as a hobby or even as a competition (often seen in the Mediterranean, South America and Great Britain). In some regions of the earth the popularity of spearfishing is even greater than soccer!

If you like the sound of spearfishing grouper you should certainly be aware of how it is done. The fisherman dives under water without oxygen and tries to catch fish solely with the help of a mechanic spear or even a very traditional one. To master this skill you must have a good sense for hunting, be a good swimmer and have excellent precision. It takes a lot of time to be able to use the spear accurately to hit a fish as they tend to move away quickly and you need to learn how to predict their behaviour. Grouper is usually quite an expensive fish which is due to the fact that it can be hard to catch and hard to find. To be successful at spearfishing you must train to hold your breath for several minutes and to hide behind rocks under water. That way you can wait until a grouper swims along and get it when it is unprepared and surprised by your spear.


Some fishermen like to swim out on the open sea, tie their body to the boat and float in the water until a fish swims right in front of their spear. You should never do that on your own in case you need help to come back up! Going further than the coastal area is great to catch tuna, swordfish and snappers which are rarely found near land.

When you are spearfishing grouper it is a great success if you hit it- but it is not the end of the battle. Especially larger fish are not completely paralyzed by a hit like that and often enough you find yourself fighting with your lunch until one of you is exhausted. It is not unusual to encounter fishermen that are severely injured by a battle like that and if you are dealing with varieties that are clearly bigger and stronger than you it may end deadly. Nevertheless, you may as well be able to handle a grouper.

Although fishing and hunting is fun, it is important to consider the consequences of spearfishing, or for that matter any kind of fishing. You may catch a grouper to have a family BBQ, but you should avoid fishing just for the fun of it. Many types of fish have been wiped out and the ocean's resources are extremely exhausted at the current rate we are going. Thus, fish responsibly and consider the enviroment.