Single Mother Benefits

Single Mother Benefits Are Out There

Single mother benefits can be hard to come by, very hard for some, but they are out there. Of course one must be qualified, and that almost always involves income limitations. Still, for a reasonably well off single mother, benefits can often be found in the form of grants, which makes some things such as continuing education possible, where it might not have been otherwise.

There are less tangible single mother benefits as well. Even though it can be hard raising a family alone on an income which always seems to be a little less than is really needed, most single mothers will tell you being a single mother is much better than living in a bad marriage.

Just what are some of the areas where single mother benefits are available? Programs sponsored by the government, by local agencies, and by non-profit organizations include housing assistance and low-income housing. If one's income is below a certain threshold, financial assistance is sometimes available.  A single mom may be qualified to use food stamps and may also qualify for child care assistance. Many colleges and universities have programs making it easier and more affordable for single mothers to enroll, or offer scholarships where the tuition is paid for.

A Few Dollars Here And A Few There - One of the more difficult aspects of getting single mother benefits is knowing were to look, in fact many are not even aware that help is out there. It can take a good deal of research and time in some instances. As the saying goes, nothing in life is free, and finding free money usually requires an investment in time, if nothing else. If you spend $30 on one of those books containing 1,000 money-making or money-saving tips, you shouldn't be surprised to find that 95% of what's in there is seemingly of little use. Still, you may come across one or two items that end up saving you several hundred dollars in prescription drugs or eyeglasses for example, or come across a number of things what save a few dollars here and a few dollars there. Suddenly you $30 has become a good investment.

The message here isn't to go and buy a book, though that's always one approach. The message is that it takes time and research to find where the benefits are, and how to take advantage of them. There are government grants for a whole range of things. There are many scholarships available almost for the asking, if one knows where to look. There are non-profit organizations that specialize in helping single mothers find some of these benefits, and organizations that will even help single mothers in applying for them.

The Good, Bad, And Ugly - There is much helpful information on the Internet. Simply typing "single mother benefits" in your browser will get you off to a pretty good start, at least as far as finding the types of benefits out there is concerned. The Internet being what it is, also is a source of scams, and programs which would be best to avoid. By all means avoid becoming involved with any organization whose promises appear too good to be true, and avoid them like the plague if money is required up front to search for your benefits, benefits you are likely never to see.

If any expense is involved it may be downstream when applying for a grant, if you need some help in putting together an application and are willing to pay someone familiar working with grants to help you out. Even here, a non-profit organization may provide such a service for free or for a very small fee.

Rely On Others - One other approach worth pursuing is to find a single mother who has gone thorough the routine and perhaps gain some tips or advice, or join a support group. Being able to take advantage of single mother benefits can involve a lot of work as well as an occasional leap of faith, and the assistance and advice of others can be a huge help. Just get started and don't give up.