Signs Of Jealousy

Signs Of Jealousy And How To Overcome Them

In both personal and professional relationships, it is helpful to be able to recognize signs of jealousy.  One of the biggest problems that couples face in a relationship is jealousy, sometimes for no reason at all.  The actual causes of being suspicious towards a partner may vary in reasons from being hurt before by being cheated on or lied to or quite often, the person who is jealous is the person who is actually being untrustworthy.

Some people have a partner with wandering eyes or a colored history of affairs and flings which can lead to these fearful individuals being insecure.  Other people may have to deal with their partner constantly talking about or comparing them to their ex or even flirting with others right in front of them.  People that have a low self-esteem often portray signs of jealousy as they typically feel that they aren't good enough or attractive enough for their mate.

While it is considered acceptable to feel a small tinge of envy or jealousy periodically, doubting a partner's honesty or blindly suspecting them of betrayal can lead to domineering and possessive traits.  This typically turns into suffocating, destructive and even harmful relationships.

Signs That You Are Jealous


Overcoming Jealousy

If you are demonstrating signs of jealousy, there are a few things that you can do to work on how you feel about yourself which could ultimately have an impact on what you think of your partner.