Shrimp Kabobs

How to Make Shrimp Kabobs

Summer is the perfect time to grill different kinds of fish and seafood, and shrimp kabobs are one of the treats that most people just love. Shrimp blend in well with many different flavorings so the choices are almost endless when it comes to adding onto your kabobs. The only item you will need that might be out of the ordinary are skewers, but these can be found at most kitchen stores.

Shrimp only take a few minutes to cook and are well worth the little extra time it may take to prepare them. It’s not that preparing shrimp kabobs is terribly time consuming but there are a couple more steps involved than you have when you just throw a steak onto the grill. Now you can buy what they call zipperback shrimp, which are even easier as they already have the vein removed.

When you go to the store to pick out your shrimp, you should get medium shrimp or larger ones, if available. Unless you live on the coast or near the coast, you won’t have the opportunity to buy fresh shrimp, caught that very day. Stores have shrimp from every imaginable country because they are sold year-round. If it is in-season, you will be able to find U.S. or Canadian shrimp, but if it’s not shrimp season, you may even be looking at shrimp from as far away as China or Vietnam. These shrimp are frozen and then thawed.

The largest shrimp are pricier than medium shrimp so if saving money is a consideration, there is absolutely no need to have large or extra-large shrimp. If you are having people over, the comments will be about how great the shrimp taste, not about how big or small they are. Shrimp that are going to be grilled for shrimp kabobs should still be in their shells. The zipperback shrimp, mentioned above, already have a slit down their backs where the vein was removed.

Shrimp should be marinated for thirty minutes before grilling. Any kind of marinade can be used, sweet or sour. Many people use teriyaki, Old Bay, lemon/pepper, Italian, Cajun, Tex-Mex or Caribbean-type seasonings. You can use fresh garlic to really give them some zip. You can blend dry seasonings with salt, pepper, and melted butter. You can use just about any kind of seasoning that you wish, whether it is liquid or dry.

The most essential thing about the seasoning is to make sure that you leave the shrimp marinating in it long enough. Thirty minutes is the perfect time, no more and no less. If you have wooden skewers you can soak them in the seasoning mix as well as this will add even a little more flavor to the shrimp. If you don’t have any skewers and simply cannot get any, you can use a grilling basket to hold the shrimp. Do not place the shrimp directly onto the grill because they will undoubtedly fall through the grate.

Always soak wooden skewers in a liquid before using them for grilling. This keeps them from burning up in flames. Pre-heat the grill. If you are using real charcoal and not gas, start it much earlier so that the coals are glowing and turning to ash by the time you are ready to cook the shrimp. A good method is to move the coals to one side and cook the shrimp on the other so they are not burned by the direct heat. You cannot turn down heated coals the way you can turn down the heat with a gas grill.

Slide the shrimp onto your skewers, leaving at least half an inch of room in-between each piece of shrimp. You can layer the skewers so that you have other foods in-between the shrimp as well. Such as shrimp, onion, shrimp--or, shrimp, pineapple, shrimp. Place the skewers directly onto the grill and baste the shrimp with butter as they grill.

You can just devour the kabobs or you can serve them on top of rice or vegetables. You will be glad you tried this tasty, summer fare.