Short Torso

Fashion Tips For A Short Torso

If you have a short torso then you know that stocking your wardrobe with flattering clothes can definitely be a challenge.  Although at times shopping can certainly be beyond frustrating, with the right tips you can create a look that is both leaner and longer.

Your silhouette can really be balanced out simply by using the right lines, knowing how to camouflage problem areas and accent assets that deserve attention.  These tips are going to help you dress your short torso so you look elegant and graceful.


Long shirts are ideal for creating the illusion of a lengthened silhouette.  The length of your top can either flatter you or completely ruin your look, especially with a short torso.  You may be tempted to grab those cute short items such as shrugs, cropped jackets or short tees and tanks but all this does is draw attention to your stomach and often makes it appear shorter than it already is.  Wearing a longer shirt such as a tunic or a baby doll style top is much more flattening.

Aim to find tops that come about even with your hips and you will create a long-looking midsection.  In the winter, you should always choose long, lean sweaters or even sweater dresses paired up with leggings.  The idea is to not reveal where your torso actually ends.  By wearing long pieces, you easily hide that information.


A short torso can be lengthened with a vertical neckline.  A nice plunging v-neck is about the most flattering look you can get.  Always steer clear of anything horizontal like a tube top or an off the shoulder top.  When you use a low neckline, it forces the viewer's eye to travel up and down which automatically makes you longer.  If you must wear stripes, choose vertical ones, not horizontal.

Never dress a short torso in a crew neck, boat neck or anything that has a waist belt.  When you can, choose scooped neck, v-neck or even a square neckline.  These will add length to your neck by accenting your collarbones.  Also, it is highly recommended to stay away from turtlenecks, regardless of how comfortable and practical they may be for nearly any occasion.  Turtlenecks hide contours of your neck and collarbones that you need to create your leaner and longer look.


Regardless if you are wearing a dress, pants or a skirt, bring as little attention as possible to your waist.  This means no belts or kangaroo pockets.  The best way to force attention away from a short torso is to direct it to whatever your best assets are.

If you want to flatter your bust, you should choose a baby doll waistline, that is cut low and contoured on top, yet falls freely around your middle.  If your hips happen to be a great feature for you, choose longer tops that are banded or bubbled around the bottom that fall at or slightly below your hips.  To show off a great pair of legs, choose shorter skirts or shorts.  Even short garments can look professional for work if they are paired up with tights, boots and a jacket or a vest.

Vests may be the best friend to those with a shorter midsection.  Make sure that you are wearing long vests and if you can find one with vertical pin-striping, this is ideal.  When choosing jewelry, avoid chokers or anything that hides your collar bones.  You should opt for a long strand of beads or a long simple chain with some type of pendant hanging from it.  Either will add length to your overall look.

Shopping for clothes for a short torso can be frustrating if you don't know what to look for.  While some fashion trends may be tempting to participate it, you are better to avoid them unless they are absolutely flattering to you.  You are much better to choose a classic piece that looks outstanding on you than wear a popular item that looks better on everybody else.