Sew In Weave Techniques

Beginner’s Guide to Sew In Weave Techniques

Sew in weave techniques can get complicated, especially if you are not familiar with the terms and tools required for a proper weave. For anyone new to the world of weave, this is great guide to sew in weave techniques that is easy to understand and follow. Start with everything you need for a professional-looking weave, and then follow the tips and tricks until you work your way up to a knock out weave.

Sewing a hair weave into place can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours (maybe longer for beginners), so make sure to have enough time set aside before you even begin. There are very specific supplies needed to complete the hair weave, so get your stuff together and have it on-hand when weaving day arrives.

Sew in Weave Supplies
The first and probably most important decision when it comes to supplies is what type of hair to buy. Should you go with synthetic hair or natural human hair? Money can play an important role in this decision, because human hair tends to be much more expensive than the synthetic hair. On the other hand, the synthetic hair does not last as long as the human hair, so the real thing may save a little money and time in the long run because the weave will be more durable and stay fresher longer.

Another drawback to the synthetic hair is that it cannot be styled with any kind of heat. That means no curling iron and no flat iron. Using these tools on synthetic hair weave will cause the hair to melt, so only go with the fake stuff if you like to keep it straight.

Once you decide on hair type, you will have to pick a texture as well. At most beauty supply shops, your choices will be curly, kinky, straight and wavy. The other supplies you will need include hair thread and a hair weaving needle.

Preparing for a sew-in weave
While picking up the weaving supplies, be sure to get a few things to treat the natural hair before adding the weave. Get a moisturizing treatment, a protein treatment and an oil-based moisturizer. Always wash and treat your natural hair before beginning the weave. This keeps the hair from breaking and keeps it strong enough to handle the weave.

Sew in weave techniques and tips
Make sure the natural hair is completely dry before beginning the weaving process. Once it is dry, apply your moisturizer. Then part your hair into small 1-inch sections and braid the entire head into very close, tight cornrows. Once the cornrows are covering the whole head, pull the ends together and tie them under the cornrows.

Before you begin to sew the weave in, measure out how much hair you will need and cut it into manageable sections. Begin sewing from the side, and continue working up through the hair toward the crown of the head. Continue weaving the hair along the cornrows until it covers the head completely. Once all of the hair has been woven into place, you can cut and style it to give it the exact look you want.

Remember that you cannot use any heat styling tools on synthetic hair. You can, however, straighten or curl human hair to achieve you desired style. The weave should be cleaned and maintained as needed, and it should last at least several weeks as long as it is taken care of properly.