Senior Trip Ideas

Senior Trip Ideas To Seriously Consider

It Wasn't Always This Way - A couple of generations back, senior trip ideas often consisted of getting out of the rocking chair on the front porch and taking a train back to Kansas, or down to California to visit a relative. If one had the means, there was also a trip across the Atlantic to Europe via ocean liner, or taking an ocean liner to Hawaii. The idea of a cruise ship vacation had not yet taken hold. As far as senior trip ideas with travel to other states in mind was concerned, the concept of road trips or RV trips as a way of life for seniors hadn't taken a hold either.

There are still plenty of seniors today that one would have to pry from their rocking chairs. They are quite capable of travel or taking vacations, but either don't think they are capable or simply afraid to leave their comfort zones. For most people however, there is at least one place they have always wanted to visit, and for some, there are countless places.

Cruises - Cruise ship vacations can be super senior trip ideas. Even if monetary considerations limit a person or a couple to a single trip, if the right destination is chosen the cruise can indeed be the trip of a lifetime. Caribbean cruises are among the most popular, with Mediterranean cruses ranking highly as well. Alaska cruises, up through the Inside Passage are probably underrated if anything. The scenery is as spectacular as you'll find anywhere, weather permitting. Skagway, Alaska is not Kingston, Jamaica but is a fascinating place and far more scenic. There are also the northern European cruises as well as cruises on the Rhine and Danube.

See The USA (And Canada) First - Closer to home, a road trip though the United States and /or Canada can be as cheap or expensive, or as long or as short, as one wants. Road trips can be fun to plan and prepare for, and there are plenty of resources available to assist one in planning a safe and satisfying trip. One advantage of a road trip is that it can often be custom designed to take a person, a couple, or a group of people to places, especially out of the way places, they have always been interested in visiting. One could spend two weeks visiting the National Parks of the West, spending some time in the Southwest desert, or the Pacific coastal regions in the process. A tour might include the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Yosemite and Zion.  National historic sites are smaller in scale, but most often well worth the trip. The East Coast is especially rich in these, many being historical sights from our fight for independence as well as the Civil War battlefields. If one takes a cross-country trip and back by automobile, it usually feels awfully good to get back home, but if one plans on visiting a handful of must see sights, then does a bit of improvising, visiting out of the way places and seeing how others live, it can be a very rewarding trip indeed.

Planes And Trains - Airplane travel is of course another way to go and may be the best when senior trip ideas encompass visit to large cities. Public transportation during visits to New York or San Francisco can be much less stressful that entering these “foreign” places in your own automobile for the first time. And, one should not forget train travel. Done correctly, it can be a very relaxing way to go. While your experiences in seeing out of the way places will be through a passenger car window, train travel is very relaxing and should definitely be considered.

If you have parents who are a bit afraid to travel, feel maybe they can't afford it, or are just plain hesitant to get moving, plan a vacation with them at a place some distance from home, be it Hawaii, Sun Valley, Victoria -  British Columbia, Las Vegas, or wherever. There's really no limit to great senior trip ideas. Just starting to think about ideas in the first place is often more than half the battle in getting there.