Secret Santa Ideas

Fun Secret Santa Ideas

If your family or office does a secret Santa, you’re probably starting to find it difficult to come up with good secret Santa ideas. The secret Santa program is where everyone draws the name of a person whom they have to prepare a gift for. This is the most economical way to ensure that everyone gets a gift without each person having to buy gifts for everyone.

Someone You Don’t Know Well

Shopping for or creating a secret Santa gift can be tough enough, but it is especially so if you don’t know the person very well. In this case, it might be a good idea to consider giving a gift card. I know this doesn’t sound like a very unique Secret Santa idea, but it is a practical one. When you don’t know someone very well, there is always the worry that they won’t like or won’t have any use for the gift you give them. A gift card can always be used, plus you can get creative about the kind of card you give. For instance, you could choose a gift card to a local movie theater or a store which offers a variety of items, like Walmart, Target, or Sears.

Whether the person you’ve chosen is a male or female, they would likely enjoy a gift certificate with Netflix or a similar movie company. In the cold winter months many of us enjoy staying in the house and curling up with a good movie. You could even put together a small gift basket that includes the movie certificate and a few bags of microwaveable popcorn. You may also consider getting a small packet of really nice ground coffee and pairing it with an oversized coffee mug or a traveler’s cup. If you aren’t sure whether they like coffee, you could substitute hot chocolate or apple cider instead of coffee.

Thoughtful Secret Santa Ideas

For friends of family members who you know pretty well, the gift giving process isn’t always easier, but sometimes it can be. If you know of their favorite treat such as candy or baked goods, you can create a gift jar with packed with candy, tea, ground coffee, cookie mix, or cake mix. Take the time to decorate the jar so that it may be reused later on. Bear in mind that if you put cookie or cake mix into the jar, you should also include a note card with directions for preparing and baking the treat.

Not all of us are crazy about food, why not create a personalized tote bag, photo frame, coffee mug, or calendar? If you know the person well, use pictures of yourselves together as the theme. If you don’t have any pictures available, think of their interest, such as golf, travel or music, and substitute pictures of that theme. This is a great long-lasting gift that will remind your secret Santa of you every time they use the item!

You could even pack a Santa hat with miscellaneous, but fun, gifts. This one is great if you have to work on a budget—and around the holidays, who ISN’T running low on funds? Local dollar stores or even the seasonal and clearance shelves at Walmart and Target are terrific places to find little treats to fill the hat with. Things like candy, humorous key chain, and a nice pen work very well with this gift.

Hopefully you’ve found a bit of inspiration from these secret Santa ideas. Try to stick to something that is useful or sentimental that won’t get re-wrapped and passed on to someone else! Basically, just remember that it isn’t about how much you spend on the gift, but how much thought you put into creating or purchasing it.