Sea Trout Flies

A Guide to Good Sea Trout Flies

If you are interested in fishing for trout, then you might want to take the time to learn about the best sea trout flies to use. Of course, there is no right or wrong fly to use when fishing for sea trout, however there are a few that have become wildly popular among fisherman due to their uncanny ability to keep the trout a-biting! Let’s take a look at some popular sea trout flies that you might want to consider trying out on your next fishing excursion…


The Bloody Butcher

This one sounds pretty menacing, but it’s actually a beautiful fly that has wonderful success among trout fishermen. It is usually built so that the fly appears to have a red body with black wings, however the color variations sometimes change between red and orange. The black portion can sometimes be seen as a dark brown or a deep maroon. A lot of the color sequence depends on the maker of the fly. The bloody butcher is considered by many to be a “must have” for any fisherman who intends to catch a trout worth bragging about!

The Dark Mackerel

If you want an all around good fly, then you’ll want to get yourself a dark mackerel. These can come in a variety of colors, but the general design is a short body with tiny trebles that make it dance in temptation to even the most hard to get fish. The dark mackerel is considered to be a good all-arounder because it works just as well in the night time as it does in the daytime and is designed to simulate the movement of fry or shrimp. As are most other sea trout flies, this one is pretty inexpensive and is great to have if you ever plan on doing any night fishing.


Mallard and Claret

This wet fly is designed to simulate the movement of various insects in their larvae or pupa stage and also to look like beetles and other adult insects which may make their way into the water and drown. The mallard and claret is intended for hook sizes eight to fourteen and is a very adaptable fly that can be used in either day or night time fishing. It is also suitable for use in fast-flowing rivers and lakes.


The medicine fly can be a bit more expensive, depending on who the maker is, but it is also one of the greater sea trout flies to fish with. It is another all-arounder that can be used with a sunken or floating surface line. This fly is one that many fisherman use all throughout the season to tempt the trout out of its hiding place. It can be used in darker water in the day time or at night if the water is relatively clear. If the water is particularly dark or if you are fishing at night time with little light, you might consider replacing the medicine fly with the golden squirrel fly. It is similar in design yet made of brighter colors which enable it to be seen even in low light conditions and cloudy water.

The Silver Stoat

At the moment, the silver stoat is perhaps one of the most favored sea trout flies for night time fishing excursions. This fly has a bright silver body that manages to catch light in even when there is little light around. It will glint and glitter until it attracts the attention of the trout, all the while simulating the movements of a tasty insect.

Although there are plenty of sea trout flies on the market, you may want to try these first to get a feel for using these flies. Once you understand how to use them properly you can progress to more expensive brands and designs with a lessened chance of losing a costly fly!