Sandblasting Wood

Achieving Results when Sandblasting Wood

Most people have never heard of sandblasting wood and for good reason, which we will explain.  Sandblasting is a process typically used to clean greasy automotive parts, stained concrete, rusted metal, and other hard surfaces that need more than standard cleaning can offer.  Using a sandblaster, sometimes called a “compressor”, sand silica is shot out at extreme force.  Once the blast hits the intended target, it literally takes off the top surface.  Depending on the psi setting for the sandblaster and the material being worked on, you would blast to varying depths.


The only time wood should be sandblasted is done is when making some type of handicraft or artwork.  A sandblaster can be purchased at any hardware or home improvement store and if choosing a smaller machine, they are not overly expensive.  However, if you plan to make just one project, you could also go to a local equipment rental company and actually rent a sandblaster.  Just remember that for sandblasting wood, a large sandblaster is not necessary.  Typically, a smaller compressor works just fine.

Regardless of the material being worked on, the pressure of the blast from a sandblaster is extremely forceful.  Therefore, if the wrong species of wood was chosen or if the blast were to hit the skin, serious damage would be done.  Therefore, sandblasting wood or any material should only be done by a responsible adult.  Even then, it is imperative that that you wear long sleeves, long pants, heavy-duty gloves, eye protection, and a carpenter’s mast.

There is a learning curve involved for sandblasting this type of material so we recommend you purchase cheap pieces of hardwood and practice to get the hang of how the machine works.  In addition, when spraying the silica sand mixture from a sandblaster, you would always move the wand in slow, controlled motions.  In addition to reducing any chance of injury, this would also prevent the loss of money in buying one piece of wood after another for your project.

Once you get the hang of using the sandblaster, it would be essential for you to create a plan of what you want to complete.  This would involve knowing the artwork or craft you want to make, but also the materials you need to complete the project.  Just a few types of projects you might consider for sandblasting wood might include a beautiful piece of artwork to hang on the wall in your home, a welcome sign with your last name and a preferred design to hang near the front door, the front of cabinets, and so on.

Of course, in addition to creating items for personal use, this is a great way to design something unique for a business.  As an example, a sign could be designed for the company name, a bench could be created for customers to sit on outside, or the business address could be designed.  The bottom line is that sandblasting wood is not necessarily easy but with a little patience and practice, the results would be amazing.  Depending on the wood species, the depth of the design, and the way the wood is finished, you would have a gorgeous project.

One of the exciting things about sandblasting wood is that with each sweep of the wand, the top layer of wood is removed.  That means that the soft grain is removed, which exposes a natural and gorgeous amber color.  For this reason, many people will leave the finished project natural but you could always stain or paint the design if preferred.