Sales Presentation Training

Preparing for a Sales Presentation: Training Yourself to Be the Best

Regardless of the product you may be promoting, it is never easy to do a sales presentation. Training and preparing yourself for it ahead of time, though, can be the difference between being laughed out of the office or nailing it out of the park.

This article was written to provide you with tips for sales presentation training that you can do in the privacy of your own home, away from prying eyes and wagging tongues. Feel free to use these sales presentation training tips interchangeably and to switch them around or add to them as best suits your personal company, product, and situation.

1. Keep it Concise

Once upon a time, the sales pitch was a pleasant match of wits that contained a lot of stories and anecdotes. People today want speed and conciseness though. Gone are the days of slightly off-color jokes and puns, so don’t even bother trying to warm your crowd up. Get to the point.

You should know what your big selling points are, so lay them out for your clients. Practice this in your home with friends or family, or even in front of a mirror. Write down any notes that you may need to help you keep on target, but make sure that you nail these selling points right from the get-go.

2. Tailor Your Presentation to Your Clients

No one enjoys getting form letter in the mail; you can spot them a mile away and they leave you feeling unimportant. The same is true for sales presentations. Your clients will know if you give the same spiel to everyone, and they will likely resent you for it. You can remedy this by doing a few simple things and making the preparations at home or in your office.

Decide what it is about your product that will help that specific client. If you will be doing a PowerPoint presentation, you can include these points, along with the company’s logo on the slides as needed. This will give the presentation a personalized feel.

While at home, be sure to do research about the company online. There are several databases online that compile information about corporations, their executives, and even the largest competitors in the region, so be sure to look for that kind of information and get a leg up on the competition.

3. Believe in Your Product

It may seem like basic common knowledge, but it is imperative that you believe in the product or service that you are selling. If this is not your own product, then you need to become intimately familiar with it so that you have firsthand knowledge of all of its benefits.


Talk about this product with your family. Tell them about it and then ask if they think you came off as sincere or as if you were simply reading a script. You’re shooting for sincerity here, so practice often and get your loved ones’ feedback.

4. Be Enthusiastic

This does not mean that you need to holler and yell like a host of an infomercial. You simply need to be excited about the product enough that you are animated discussing it. No one wants to buy a product from someone that can’t even muster the smallest amount of enthusiasm about it, regardless of how good the pricing may be.

Use your hands a bit when you talk, don’t be shy with the smiles, and keep your eyes bright and animated. This can be practiced in front of the bathroom mirror while you’re brushing your teeth, or at the dinner table. Again, seek feedback from your family and friends.