Rules Of Checkers

What Are the Rules of Checkers?

Understanding the rules of checkers are very important if you are going to play this game with someone else.  You are going to want to know that neither party is cheating and that everyone understands the game.  If you have never played before you are going to enjoy this article as it will explain how to play the game correctly.  After all, everyone should have a fair chance to win and you can only do that if everyone knows the rules.

When learning the rules of checkers, you first need to remember that the board has sixty-four small squares that are light and dark colors.  Each player is going to be given red or white playing pieces.  Each person will start by placing his or her pieces on the twelve dark squares at the edge of the board closest to them.  Remember to only place the pieces on the dark colored squares.  This will take up the first three rows of the board.

When it is your turn you can move your piece one space forward, diagonally.  If you have a king (discussed later) you can also move this piece backwards.  The goal is to jump over the other player’s pieces and capture them.  You will do this by jumping your piece over your opponents into an empty space.  You can move more than one diagonal or forward space in order to capture pieces as long as you are jumping over a piece into an empty space. You will then remove all of the pieces you have jumped from the board.  You can not jump the same piece more than once and you can not jump over your own piece.  You can not stop through a multiple jump move and you can not jump over a king whether you have a king or not.

Now, the rules of checkers regarding the king.  When you successfully get your game piece to the last row of your opponents side of the board if becomes a king.  You make it a king by placing another piece on top of the first piece by your opponent.  This is going to be one of the captured pieces.

As previously mentioned, your goal is to capture your opponent’s pieces by following through a series of moves.  When you are have captured all of the pieces you have won.  If you leave your opponent in a position where he or she can no longer move, you win.  There are some very basic techniques to keep in mind in order to improve your game.  First of all, you want to move into positions that enable you to take two or more of your opponent’s pieces even if they are going to capture one of yours.  Being a few pieces ahead is always great.  Next, you want to keep then routes to your king lane blocked so that the other player can not get in.  You do not want him or her to obtain a king because they will be able to move backwards and have more advantages.

This can be a very challenging and time consuming game for someone that really enjoys the sport.  You can spend a lot of time developing different strategies in order to help you improve your game and be the best.  Practice makes perfect so the more you play the better you will get.  Checkers can be an enjoyable time for the entire family if you spend time teaching your children how to play correctly.  You are going to be increasing family time and teaching your child problem solving skills and critical thinking skills.