Romantic Picnic Ideas

Heartwarming Romantic Picnic Ideas

Romance is so important in relationships so we wanted to offer some romantic picnic ideas, giving you the chance to do something special but in a different way.  Nothing says “I love you” more than the person you love seeing that time and effort went into creating a memorable occasion.  Romance comes in many different forms such as dinner at a five-star restaurant, being whisked off to Las Vegas for the weekend, or a simple quiet picnic for just the two of you.

With some of the romantic picnic ideas we have provided, you can show the person you love just how special he/she is to you.  Picnics are always fun, whether in Central Park or at an isolated lake.  However, to create a romantic setting, you want to focus differently than you would in putting a standard picnic together.  The goal is to ensure the atmosphere is romantic and the entire experience a lifelong memory.

Picnic at the Lake

The first of the romantic picnic ideas we wanted to offer is time spent enjoying each other’s company at a quiet lake.  For this, you want to avoid crowded lakes, instead choosing one where only a few people visit.  For the menu, pack a picnic lunch consisting of ham and cheese sandwiches on Focaccia bread with cherry preserves, fresh fruit salad, chocolate covered strawberries, and of course, a good bottle of wine.  After spreading a soft comforter over a grassy hill and placing the basket of food to the side, start playing Andrea Bocelli on a portable CD player.

Museum or Monument Steps

Of all romantic picnic ideas, we love this one for people who live in larger cities.  The plan is to place a soft comforter and coordinating pillows outdoors on the steps of a museum or monument.  For this, you would need to receive permission in many cases but this particular type of “picnic” has become so popular that gaining approval is not difficult.  For menu items, simply choose whatever the two of you enjoy but remember, from your vantage point, the magnificent city lights will be the focus of the evening.

Beachside Picnic

For romantic picnic ideas, we also wanted to add this to the list.  Start by locating a beach that allows campfires.  Then, schedule the picnic at dusk so the two of you can watch the sun set below the horizon together.  Great food ideas would include chicken salad finger sandwiches, pasta salad, brie cheese, and wine.  For dessert, take graham crackers, chocolate bars, and marshmallows to make s’mores over the roaring fire.

Meadow under the Stars

Another of the romantic picnic ideas we wanted to offer is having it in an open meadow under the stars.  If you have or know of someone with a meadow, a place with rolling hills, wildflowers, and one or more big oak trees, this would make the ideal place for a picnic.  You could start the day late in the afternoon, taking the opportunity to walk around and simply enjoy nature.  With a portable CD player, the two of you could even dance in the meadow.  After the sun goes down and the sky turns to black, the two of you could snuggle under an oak tree looking at the gorgeous star-filled night.