Romantic Breakfast

How To Plan A Romantic Breakfast

First of all, it's hard for most of us to visualize what a romantic breakfast would or should be like. We wake up with garbage mouth, wanting little more, following the trip to the bathroom, than a glass of juice and a cup of coffee. For many, a piece of toast and the morning newspaper makes breakfast complete, though far from romantic.

A romantic breakfast is a wonderful idea for newlyweds or those not yet married but may be thinking about it. When you've been married for 20 or 30 years however, and your wife suddenly confronts you with a romantic breakfast, you're apt to look at her with a great deal of suspicion, wondering what it is you're going to be expected to pay for later in the day. If it's the husband who prepares a romantic breakfast, particularly a husband who manages to burn a pot of water, the result can border on hilarity.

Still, a romantic breakfast is in many ways a wonderful idea, and if approached the right way can be very, very rewarding for both parties (it's assumed that for a married couple, the kids aren't invited).

Where? - The first thing to be taken into consideration is whether or not it's going to be breakfast in bed. Some love breakfast in bed, while others don't, probably because they're not used to the idea.

Surroundings? - The next thing to take into consideration is the surroundings. This can be a tough one. Unless you arise at 4 in the morning, a partially darkened room, be it kitchen or bedroom, is probably out of the question. Admittedly it can be hard to feel romantic with the morning sun in your face. If you do get up and have breakfast before the sun comes up, a candlelit breakfast will indeed be most appropriate.

Drinks? - While some may opt for a Bloody Mary, the whole point is one of romance, not getting plowed before noon. Wine seems to be better suited as a lunch or dinner drink, and beer just doesn't have much in the way of a romantic connotation. The answer? Either fruit juice or champagne, or a mix of the two. Champagne is one alcoholic drink that seems appropriate at most any time of the day, especially for breakfast, if not brunch. As far as coffee is concerned, try a special blend of freshly ground beans. Add a little Irish cream flavored coffee to make it extra special.

Flowers? - Have flowers on the table, putting them there the night before unless it's to be a surprise. It's OK to gather flowers from your garden in your bathrobe in the wee hours. Don't go into your neighbor's garden though.

Food? - As far as food is concerned, some breakfast foods are more romantic sounding than others.  Cheerios and Wheaties, as good as they taste, are definitely out, and hash browns seem more suitable for lumberjacks than for lovers. Eggs are in, especially scrambled eggs, or ham and eggs, or bacon or sausage. Canadian bacon seems a little more romantic than the usual kind, but that's a matter of opinion. Canadians may hold the opposite view. French toast is definitely in, as is most any kind of biscuit, or croissant. Better yet, purchase (or make) some biscotti, for dipping in the coffee.

Music? - It's a matter of taste really. Violin music at 6 AM may seem out of place, but a little Vivaldi in the background, The Four Seasons for example, can be very romantic. It's best to avoid anything too syrupy, or "intellectual" at that time of the day.

Who prepares the romantic breakfast? It can be either, or both.