Roasting Sunflower Seeds

Tips For Roasting Sunflower Seeds

Roasting sunflower seeds may be a great option for you if you have grown sunflowers all year long.  Each plant has probably produced an over abundance of seeds that you are not sure what to do with.  Roasting is one of the tastiest options that you have and you will most likely enjoy the end result more than you enjoyed growing the beautiful flowers.

Before roasting sunflower seeds you are going to want to soak them in salt water over night.  This is going to soften the shell.  In the morning you will want to drain them from the water and let them dry out.  When they are just about dry you will turn your oven on to 300 degrees and let it start warming up.  It is most important to be sure you turn the oven on and let it warm because this is going to help your seeds cook more evenly once you place them inside.

Now, get out a cookie sheet and place the seeds onto it.  You will want to select a spice that you really enjoy so that you can give them some flavor before they go into the oven.  Maybe you enjoy basil or garlic salt.  Maybe it is close to a holiday and you want to try a spice that goes with it.  If you are making these as a gift you may want to find out what type of seasonings the receiving party enjoys and use that.  There are so many options at this point that it really is up to you and your creativity.  Once you have added the spice you will want to add some oil to help it stay on.  Do not drown the seeds, just simply drizzle the oil onto the top and place them directly into the preheated oven.

You are going to leave them in the oven for approximately 25 minutes.  They are going to crack in the middle as they cook and that is ok.  You will know that you are on the right track as they begin to burst open.  You may want to taste them every few minutes at this point to be sure they are not burning.  You do not want your harvest to be ruined when you are so close to enjoying it.  If you do not have time to test them every couple minutes you may want to set a timer to remind yourself to a least check them every ten minutes.  Stirring them will also help prevent burning.

Once they are done you will remove them and let them cool down before you eat them.  If you are going to be storing them for a special occasion you can place them into a plastic bag or a sealed jar so that they are not being exposed to the air.  You can place them in a cool and dry place or in your refrigerator.

Roasting sunflower seeds can be a wonderful experience and it gives you something to look forward to once your flowers have started to die out for the year.  This is a delightful snack that is inexpensive to make and enjoyable for the entire family.  Get your children involved.  Ask them what type of seasoning they would like to use.  This is a great way to spend time with your children and teach them about cooking.  Everyone gets to enjoy the end result and you will have memories of a wonderful time spent together.  It is easy to see that roasting sunflower seeds is not difficult as long as you watch them to make sure they do not burn.  So, gather your seeds and start roasting!  You will be glad you did.